Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time to share some more customer quilts!

Hello friends, readers and others! Today I have a bit to share with you so buckle in and let me get started.

A sample for The Country Yard called Nine Patch Wonder. A pretty soft and feminine quilt.
Kerryn (shop owner) asked for an all over quilting design, this one is called "Far East Leaf".

Next is another sample for The Country Yard. a Rail Fence quilt, complete with prairie points.

Kerryn wanted the best of both worlds for this quilt, all over quilting and a touch of custom quilting.

The middle section is quilted with swirls and feathers, completely hand guided, no patterns, stencils or marking, just fancy free farm quilting folks!

The sashing was ditch stitched on the inner side but not on the side the prairie points are connected, here I echoed the points, then on the outer edge of the border I feathered and swirled to balance in with the inner section. Both of these quilts are available as kits from The Country Yard.
A back view for you.........................

The third quilt is another sample for The Country Yard. This time the Tuesday Mystery Medallion .

For this beauty I custom quilted, plenty of the ditch stitching, cross - hatching, piano keyed border and pebbles.

I LOVE the texture and 'pop' the pebbles create! I used a fine blending thread for these pebbles, because it's all about the texture.

Classic, timeless cross - hatching was spot on for the next 'round' of this reproduction beauty.

The next round was the ultimate playground for the quilter................so feathers came out to play!

this was taken before I echoed the feathers.

                     In the corners where the baskets lay, I filled in the background with textures.

The next round was simple.......................more cross - hatching..................................

Just between you and I, I chewed over what to quilt on the outer border, I wanted something classic, something that framed and 'ended' the quilt, I kept coming back to using the piecing from the delectable mountain pieced border as my guide.

                                    A couple more photo's while the sun is shinning!

I finished my last round last night on my Medallion, now all that is waiting is for it to be quilted, can anyone recommend a quilter? :-)

            To see more Mystery Medallion's pop over to The Country Yards Facebook page.

Thank you for stopping by.............until next time:


  1. Crikey mate you have been super busy. Yeah I know a Quilter up north, she tells me she is a professional!! Can neither confirm nor deny this for you, sorry, but what I have seen of her work it's pretty impressive. Summer is coming!! mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

  2. Phew! That is a bucket-load of quilting goodness! You're so funny - just fancy free-hand! Just! So clever. Love all the texture and am a huge fan of pebbles! Hope you are having a sunny week :)

  3. Very pretty panto on that first quilt, but your custom work is what leaves me in awe. I love coming here for quilty inspiration.
    And you are very cute about a quilter recommendation. : )

  4. I didn't believe it was possible, but your quilting just gets better and better! When I saw those all over designs I thought you must have bought a long-arm machine, but I see you're still doing it all on your DSM - fabulous. You continue to amaze and inspire :)

  5. All really beautiful quilts Leeanne but that third one is just a stunner. Love the fabrics but also LoVe how you have quilted them. Just awesome how you choose what to put where. Now I know this really good quilter for your Medallion quilt, apparently she is an "international quilter" . . . . . :-)

  6. Oh my goodness what a lot of lovely quilting!!! I love the "Far East Leaf" pattern - I love the Gingko leaves!

  7. I got to snuggle these quilts the other day - very nice. The quilting you did on Kerryn's Mystery Medallion was perfect for it...looking forward to seeing how you quilt yours'!!

  8. Hey love what you have created with all the quilting....and I know your talent will shine through when you quilt your medallion mystery...looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Hugs xxx

  9. Gorgeous quilting as usual Leeanne!!!

  10. Oh my just beautiful Leeanne. You are so very clever xx

  11. Such amazing quilting! I especially love the third quilt, such a lovely design. Your medallion quilt is gorgeous too.

  12. I love the quilts: the pebbles in that lovely middle piece, the colors, the patterns ànd the stunning way you quilted them. And also the pictures of Simon, with or without his sister. And such beautiful words at the end!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  13. gorgeous quilts and quilting done by you. I love that far east leaf design.