Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wet dog from yesterday's post

Wet dogs friends!! (please click on photo)
Fun table runner!! I love the tongues wagging and the excited eyes.......The owner of this beauty wanted me to just quilt around each dog in the ditch and I did this in the border edge too, then quilt just a few bones.
I did the bones using Aurifil's 12 weight thread for this to give real definition and an almost cartoon look to the bones. I would have loved to have done so much more, but what is important here is that the owner gets what she asks for...but just picture some dust swirls coming up from the dogs feet! Oh what fun!

Here is what I am working on now, nice verse isn't it?


  1. That is such a beautiful verse Leeanne. Its on my to-do list also.

  2. I'm with you, there is so much you could have done with the dogs. It looks good though, lots of fun.

  3. Love the dogs. What a great pattern

  4. I have done the blanket stitch on 2 of the dog runners so far. A lady I know has a disability that prevents her from doing fine work so she manages to cut the fabrics and fuse them, then she sends them to me for the stitching. They are so much fun to do. Yours looks great

  5. Ah..that is too cute. Love the friendship block too.

  6. I absolutly love those dogg! The wet one is delicious! and what a wonderful verse!