Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lynette Anderson's My Garden finished & snuggly babies.......

With my leftovers I made a label..this really was a fun, cute quilt to make.
I am looking forward to making Christmas Fun which is starting in march at

Lynette Anderson's My Garden BOM
I quilted this very simply, in the ditches and using Aurifil 12wt thread for the cross hatching on the border.

Aren't these blocks and button's so cute?

And now to babies.........

Flannelet top and a candlewick backing....if you were a baby I'm sure you would be happy sleeping under this soft quilt.
I kept the quilting to a minim so that is is soft and snuggly.

Loopy loops on the border.

With a baby due any day.....I hope the baby this is for will be a happy content one!

On a sad note,we are thinking of all those affected in and warm thoughts to you all xxxx.............


  1. Your My Garden Quilt looks fabulous and your quilting as usual is just lovely, thanks

  2. Your quilting is AMAZING - am thinking a weekend up North will be on the agenda soon - I've put the call out on my blog for QAYG blocks for Christchurch -

  3. Beautiful stuff, Leeanne. I am sorry to hear about Christ Church too!!! :(

  4. A beautiful quilt indeed. Thanks for the link to the Christmas Fun.

  5. Stunning Leeanne - I love the earthy colours in this one - I am debating about joining for Christmas Fun. I know I shouldn't but it is so tempting! I love the quilting on your dotty baby quilt.

  6. Lovely quilt Leanne...I am sure this will be one happy sleepy baby :)

  7. It's lovely to see a My Garden finish as I have all of the chart/button packs ready to start.
    I hope I can do as nice a job on mine as you have done on yours.
    The baby quilt is so lovely.

  8. I just saw this at a quiilt guild I am going to join.

  9. OOOOOOOH! Leeanne: well-done! I love how it turned out!
    Can't wait to get back to mine: seeing yours is a real inspiration!
    just gorgeous... :)