Monday, April 11, 2011

Get your 3D glasses....

Margaret the maker of this quilt tells me this is a Sara Nephew design, pretty amazing stuff!!
The 3D effects are really clever as is the background fabric, which is black with tiny white dots, that gives you the feeling of being in a Star Wars movie.
 With the help of some of Leah day's designs I did a different quilting design on each colour using my all time favourite thrreads Madeira Polyneon's.
 Also using Madeira thread, this time a Metallic for a bit of 'Bling'.
Margaret tells me this is going on the wall that will have weights attached to the bottom edge.

This is the second quilt I have done for Margaret now this being the first

please click on the pic's if you need a better view


  1. Hey what a neat effect!! I like the 'side view' photos!! As always your quilting on it is Just spot on!!

  2. I like it, the star in the middle looks kind of like a black worm hole with the spiral you have quilted and then the dots look like stars in the distance.

  3. Such a 3D effect! I had to hold on to my chair to view it. I love quilts with optical illusions. This is a wonderful one. Thanks for the photos.