Monday, October 10, 2011

sneaky peaky over......

A wee while back I gave you a sneaky peaky of two quilts, here and here .....well I can now show you the front of the quilts as I have delivered them both to the  owner. I will leave to look at your leisure, thanks for stopping by.
quilted presents

Lollipop border & lollies falling from the sky

  Nice to finally meet you Cat I hope your children enjoy their Christmas quilts!


  1. Fun quilts and your wonderful quilting has really enhanced them :)

  2. Looks like you had a real ball doing these! The children will have lots of fun finding all the special little features!

  3. Love Love Love Love xxx Thank You For Making These SOOOOOO Extra Special

  4. Hi Leeanne, it's so nice to find your blog, thank you for visiting mine! You have so many fantastic quilts to look at here and your quilting is absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, Wendy