Thursday, December 8, 2011

Matilda's Station finished & a quilt airing....

Matilda's Station is all finished. Megan has made this for her daughters Christmas present, she had me sew the binding on too, so hopefully she will find some secret time to hand stitch the binding down.
There are buttons and embellishments to be added. Also the sheep have 'wool' (aka : stipple) that was added after the photo shoot. The chickens have feathers too!

Some photo's of different parts of the quilt follows......

back of the quilt

I have added a few 'eye spy' things to find, maybe if you click on the photo's you will see clearer?

It was quilt airing at the home of 'Quiltme' today.................


  1. Lovely Leeanne,magan will be so pleased to get it back and I know a little girl who will love playing Eye Spy!

  2. Ha sorry typo, hope Megan will talk to me again!!

  3. Both quilts are lovely Leanne and your quilting is beautiful. Eye spy quilting is perfect for a child's quilt!

  4. 'tis lovely ... I think all of us as longarm machine quilters get to do this quilt at one time or another far I have quilted three for my customers ... you have done a lovely job. x

  5. The quilt and the quilting is sew beautiful... well done girls!

  6. hello,
    I love the quilt on the farm and animals, can you tell me where I can find the patterns??
    congratulations for your blog, I love it!!