Thursday, June 21, 2012

as promised, more customer quilts..............

the back
Got a two year old grandson that won't stay in his bed?? Well that's the case for Alison, so she made this bright beauty in hopes that her Grandson will stay in bed! he can count trucks, trains & look at colours.
Good luck!

the back

Gaye  made this quilt from a pattern from a magazine that was a three part mystery, but Gaye only got part three!
My instructions were: 'something organic & flowing all over the quilt'. I suggested a slightly different design for the solid borders, just to break the busyness up a bit. I used a Madeira Poly Neon thread in yellow to keep the continuity of the yellow accent.
I like how the blocks flow out on to the borders.
Thank you Alison & Gaye!


  1. SIGH!!!! drool!!!! that quilting you do is amazing! It just finishes the ladies quilt!
    Love Leanne

  2. Wow - still hard at it Leeanne, you achieve such great results :-) Love the theory behind Alison's quilt!

  3. LOVE your quilting as usual
    And I will get onto my next quilt now that I'm home
    Your stars have arrived THANK YOU

  4. Beautiful quilts and quilting, I LOVE your quilting too!