Monday, July 2, 2012

hello July!

Pam is a new customer of mine, so when she gave me this quilt & said you quilt it how you like, I was careful not to do too much quilting, I just needed to test the waters. I am always interested to see new customers first reactions when they pick up a quilt from me the first time. It can be a bit nerve racking, it is quite a big responsibility to quilt for someone. Any how Pam was happy :-)
I made couple of my own stencils for this quilt & didn't do too much quilting. I used 'Sew Art' invisible thread for the ditches & the rest of the quilting was done with Maderia's Poly favourite threads so far.



  1. Pam absolutely should love what you have done. You always has such great design ideas and your quilting is very very nice....this is beautiful.

  2. Oh it's beautiful Leeanne, I love this one. Love the pattern and the quilting is gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous quilt - the colours are so beautiful Pam - and I so love your quilting, Leeanne :) You did good :)

  4. What a pretty quilt - and lovely quilting - as always :-). What was that invisible thread like to use?