Sunday, July 15, 2012

A story about a cat & a customer quilt

I have just finished this most wonderful was one of those books that will be remembered!
Cleo: " How a small black cat helped heal a family is a warm & often funny book about love, loss & redemption. It's also a book about a cat, a small black feline who helped mend a family's broken hearts by sheer force of her cat personality."

Now for the customer quilt. Elizabeth is fairly new to quilting & a new customer of mine, I wanted to share the simple yet effective quilt she made.
Pattern : "two's company" by Kariepatch designs. For regular followers of my blog you will recognised this quilt pattern, as seen previously here  .
Elizabeth asked me to do a soft all over design in the centre, then something for the border.


  1. very nice quilt Elizabeth. As per usual - lovely quilting Leanne. Cold and wet down here in Auckland, perfect for sitting onthe couch quilting, stitching cross stitching, hardest thing is deciding what project to work on - maybe start a new one is the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That book sounds interesting, we love cats here! The quilt is very pretty and your quilting lovely as usual!

  3. Cleo is just lovely but you must read "and then came Jonah". Lovely for us cat lovers



  4. Hi just looking at your blog - all inspired again !!

  5. Thank you, Leeanne, for your kind words on my blog, I'm proud a professional quilter like you calls my applique stunning. I love the quilts you make, and found it nice to learn that you live nearby the Quilt Barn my nephew from Whangarai took me in 2009.
    Greetings, Cisca

  6. I have seen this book and always wondered if it was any good! Good to see this quilt done, it has turned out lovely.