Saturday, August 25, 2012

For the love of scrap!!

If you love scrap quilts, please hang about!

Di made this quilt at a class at The Country Yard using bits left over from her previous projects.
Scrap quilts tell stories of quilts gone before, " that fabric was in Dad's quilt !" " Oh that one was in Daniel's baby quilt" ....etc, etc.
Isn't it wonderful!

Some close ups of the quilting...............

Di wanted an all over design for the centre of the quilt. I used a Madeira variegated polyneon.
This quilt pattern is traditionally called " Baptist Fan ".....but it reminds me of my childhood days of galloping my horse on the I like to call it....... " horse-hoofs" .

  Fun with funky feathers!! Thanks Di for that freedom.
Do you like the green peeper? Click away at the photo's for close ups!
Curling ribbon for the outer border..

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend?


  1. I was lucky enough to see this in the flesh (in the cloth?) today and it was absolutely fabulous!! Well done to both of you!!

  2. This quilt and the last one are beautiful and your quilting is amazing! You obviously put time into choosing the perfect quilting design.

  3. Fabulous quilt - love it:) and your quilting is amazing, Leeanne - absolutely gorgeous :)

  4. I adore scrap quilts soo oooh and arrrhed over this one. Your quilting just finishes the quilt of beautifully
    Love Leanne

  5. As always...beautiful quilting Leeanne.
    Julia ♥

  6. Great scrappy quilt and your quilting is gorgeous (as usual!). Great job all round :)

  7. Awesome quilting Leeanne and Di should be so proud of the job she has done also. Cant wait to see it!

  8. Wow what an amazing quilt. Having watched it 'grow' it is wonderful to see the quilt all finished. I have my fingers crossed I will get to meet the finished product soon

  9. Great quilt-there is something about scrap quilts I just love them!