Saturday, December 22, 2012

more swap presents,a book finish & customer quilts

I have finished a few customer quilts this week, here are two panel quilts. The first is a Beatrix Potter panel simply quilted with bobbin thread top & bottom using an 'organic' cross hatch. The tractor panel, same threads, but I just quilted 'organic' one way to look like a ploughed field. Organic gives you such freedom! This is a great one for a quilt that you don't want the quilting to be the feature, simply a texture.
I also finished an awesome quilt with a large appliqued digger, but I forgot to take a photo of it!

The next quilt is another beauty by Vivian, This one is called Hunter's Star, I love the vibrant, cheerfulness of this quilt. Vivian gave me free range on this one.

 I did an allover hooked loop using a Gunold variegated thread, then a petal in each diamond shape to show off the star, that now looks more like a flower!! I used Madeira polyneons for this.

The pieced border was given the curling ribbon treatment & the blue borders I simply echoed the same design as the main part of the quilt, it gives a feather look with a difference!

Now it's time to show you some more swap presents, but first a special present from a special friend, who said I could open it yesterday, & you can see why.................

I think if you click on this photo you will see the details such as the rusty stars, the cinnamon quills etc.............isn't it cool, now you can see why I was allowed to open it early, so I could enjoy it before Christmas is over, but I might not put it away!!!

Thimleberries pattern, Baahurrah farm 'coffee pot' soap! A lovely CD, recipe cards, a candle in a tin & at least a metre ( yard) of reproduction fabric! Thanks Dawn!

I finished another of Rosie Boom's books, "Where the Arrows Fly", from The Barn Chronicles. Not 3 hours later Rosie came into the shop , so I got to meet her! Great news there is a third book, "Where the Crickets Sing" & she has nearly finished the fourth book!

Before I go, I wanted to share a photo of a cheeky Magpie I got a photo of from out our window.


  1. Your quilting is very nice love the Hunter's star and the wlllhanging you got.

  2. Love the wreath and wow what beautiful advent gifts you've received

  3. I love Hunters Star quilts and this one is no exception - great job both of you!! Lots of cool pressies have been heading your way - LOVE the wreath!!!

  4. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne,
    Lovely presents, I love the smell of cinnamon.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Julia ♥

  5. Hello Leeanne, I just adore that wreath your friend has made for you - your quilts are beautiful also :-) Have a lovely christmas. Julie :-)