Friday, December 28, 2012

playtime, recharge time.............................

I must say it is nice to have a bit of time to work on some of my stuff. I still have plenty of quilts from customers, with more coming, but life, well a happy one is about balance right?
First are my Dresden Plates............................

grapefruit free to a good home!

This is a L O N G term project with no time line, just making for the pure pleasure! I love English paper piecing, I know there are many other methods, much quicker methods, eg; the wedge stitched on the machine, the glue stick etc, etc. But this is my choice of method as I find it very relaxing. I am unsure what fabric to use for the centre circles ???
Here is an earlier photo...............................

Also I have been working on a BOM for the shop

All I can say is yummy pattern, yummy fabrics!!!

I have washed a few quilts, weather permitting, it has been rain, sun, rain & heaps of humidity here in Northland!
'Grandad's shirts & " spool swap"

Now Christmas is over I can show you what I made my stitching friends for Christmas.

Tissue box covers using selvedges

Another year is nearly over & another about to begin, thank you to all my readers, the ones that comment & the ones that don't, thanks for all your support. A big thank you to all my new customers & repeat customers for your  trust & faith in me as your quilter! 



  1. I love your Dresden Plates--not only the colors, but also the alternating pointed and rounded wedges.
    Nice use of selvedges, Leeanne. : )

  2. Please please please do a tutorial for those tissue box covers!! !! !!
    I love your dresden plates
    I'm thinking of doing some English Paper Piecing whilst camping I need a small project to start with though

  3. Your dresden plates are beautiful, I love the colours you are choosing. We are having lots of rain and humidity too!

  4. So nice you're having some me time!!Your dresdens are looking lovely indeed!! The tissue boxes are way cool!! (love mine - aren't able to share it yet!)

  5. Hi Leeanne, I adore the colours in your dresden plates - one of my alltime favourite "old" quilt designs. Those tissue box covers are amazing - my friend made a cushion cover using selvedges. I hope to have a go this coming year. Have a lovely New Year. Julie :-)

  6. I never made Dresden Plates, but I love yours! The new BOM looks Yummie indeed, I'm looking forward to see it. And the tissue box covers are so cute, I'll have to cut the edges of my fabric, too, from now on!
    I wish you the very best for the New Year, Leeanne!

  7. Me too I've not made a Dresden Plate quilt - yours look fun - NOPE I'm NOT starting anything new! Clever tissue box and would be fun spying ooh I had that range...
    Love Leanne