Friday, December 14, 2012

more swap pressies!

Day 12....a HurdyGurdy.......I had never heard of one before, it plays the most beautiful piece of music, when you turn the wee handle.

Day 13.....two wee canisters with buttons! I have hung them on the Christmas tree!

Day 14.....A Pooping Snowman!!! Some might say this one is X rated....but I had such a giggle with this one!! Click on the photo.

Thanks Dawn!

Because I needed to show you I have been working not spending all my time opening presents....................Another wall hanging finished for Ngaire.


  1. Cute gifts, the snowman looks fun. The wallhanging is lovely, beautiful quilting.

  2. Love your wallhanging! Gorgeous work!!

  3. you are a lucky girl...pooping snowman and all.... aha ha haa....who thinks up this stuff? Beautiful quilting!!!

  4. Pooping snowman LOVE it !! !!
    Such sweet presents you've received

  5. Ha ha I see what you mean about the pooping snowman!!!! Very cute. And the hurdygurdy sounds lovely too!