Sunday, February 3, 2013

sharing another sampler with you.....................

Back again with another sampler quilt, this one is made by Barbara during a sampler class at The Country Yard . I used mainly Madeira poly neon threads & cotton/bamboo batting.
Warning............lots of photo's.

                                                                       68" x 68"

Not sure if it is my camera or the light, but the photo's don't give true colour & detail of the quilting...........maybe it is both??

 One of the back of the quilt. This one is a wide backing fabric by Moda, the quality is wonderful.
If you haven't had enough of the photo's here are a couple more of close ups.

More sampler quilts can be seen here and here and here , I'm sure if you put 'sampler quilts' or 'traditional sampler' etc in the search bar on the top left hand corner of my blog you will find more, as I have quilted quite a few samplers!


  1. I love the sampler and I adore the quilting you have done, it is gorgeous Leeanne!!! Hope it is not too hot for you, Michelle.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful quilting Leeanne, you have made my quilt 'sing'. The granddaughter loves it. She spent all yesterday afternoon wrapped up in it and slept with it last night. She doesn't understand why she can't take it home today to take to show and tell at Day Care tomorrow. Just a little matter of no bindin

  2. Gosh Leeanne, that looks stunning!!
    It makes me want to make that sampler pattern - I love the little Sunbonnet Sue in it most of all :-)
    You have sure been spending hours at it!!! Happy quilting, Julie :-)

  3. love what you quilted around the sunbonnet Sue best of all. WOW! Nice!!

  4. Gorgeous Leeanne, wow, what a lot of quilting! I love the twin quilts and quilting in the previous post too!

  5. I love seeing the details of your quilting. I have to enlarge the photos and look closely at each one. You inspire me!

  6. I think I've said it before, but that design you've used on the sashing is so lovely.

  7. Beautiful quilt. Love the colours. Quilting is gorgeous as usual.

  8. Beautiful quilting, as always! Particularly like what you did with the Sunbonnet Sue block :)

  9. Stunning Leeanne, love the blocks and love the quilting!
    From the comment above, Barbara sounds thrilled too....

  10. Gorgeous quiltning, Leeanne! Thanks for sharing.