Saturday, February 2, 2013


Marcelle has been busy growing twin girls & making two quilts!!! She is super women........I know you will read this Marcelle & laugh!
So two quilts the same but not.
 They are both made with the same fabrics & made with half square triangles but with different layouts. Both are backed with polar fleece, one with navy, the other with a pink. I just did a simple all over design using a poly neon variegated thread from Madeira. I did flowers on one quilt & hearts on the other.

I thought you might like to see my new scissors I purchased the other day. They are double curved for close cutting. I find them great for clipping threads.


  1. Gosh Leeanne, your quilting is just beautiful - I LOVE that variegated thread you have used :-)
    My friends daughter is "growing" twin girls at the moment too!!! They must be feeling this heat. Your new scissors look really handy too, Julie :-)

  2. neat scissors! yes, your quilting is just beautiful. Lucky twins!!

  3. Leanne
    I am in awe of your quilting! Amazing!!!


  4. Nice "different but same" twin quilts, Leeanne.
    And those are some pretty snazzy scissors!

  5. Love the heart quilting! And scissors look like a must have - Know where I can get them?
    Love Leanne

  6. I love half-square triangles. They are so versatile. And these are great layouts. Good luck to Marcelle, she's going to be even busier soon!

  7. These are beautiful quilts, so different looking but with the common theme, gorgeous quilting too! Good luck to the clever Mum.....
    Those scissors are awesome, never seen anything like them before, would make clipping embroidery thread ends so much easier and neater.

  8. Nice scissors ... hmmm could do with a pair of those!

  9. Gorgeous quilts - I like how they are the same yet different. I've been keeping my eyes out for some of those scissors too.....