Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyblogreader! Are you sick of the sight of chocolate? Never!

I finished two books, the first is the kind you don't read. It is another block holder, from the same pattern as the two I made last weekend. A great pattern from the Sewing Essentials club .

I used Matilda's Own bag batting & a leftover panel from my sewing machine cover.

For the back of the block holder I 'up cycled' some abandoned blocks in my 'headache' box..........
If you have been following my blog for sometime you will remember this project!!!!
I decided to make this book a bit bigger than the last two, they were aprox 12" , this one is 17".
Look what I found to go in this book.................................

My blue & yellow Dresden's!!!! I love em!

Now for the other book I finished........................

"war correspondent Jenny King thinks she's just a temporary guest in her grandmother's Amish community while she recuperates from the devastating injuries sustained in a car bomb attack that changed her world. But when she meets Matthew Bontrager, the man she had a crush on as a teenager, she wonders if she can look past her emotional scars & bridge the gap between their different worlds."


  1. Your block holders are beautiful, love your Dresden plate block too.

  2. Woohoo - great to see you have somewhere for your Dresdens now!! Great recycle for the back!

  3. Glad to see you've been stitching up a storm my friend :-) And that book looks MOST interesting, have written it on my list to take to Library. Happy Easter, Hugs, Julie Xo

  4. Yes indeed, will need to check out my library too! You are a font of information!

  5. Isn't it great to find a way to use something that was orphaned?
    So, did you like the book you read? : )

  6. Yes, I'm a chocolat lover, too, you can wake me for iet in the middle of the night1
    Lovely blocks you found in your "headache" box, they will make a nice blockholder.
    The book looks great!

    Have a nice day, Cisca

  7. I'm over chocolate. Or rather, I'm over the children eating chocolate! Love your block books. And I'm studiously not writing that book title down - I'm sworn off reading for a bit until I get some progress made on other parts of my life!

  8. Hi Leeanne,

    Hope you have had a good weekend.

    Headache box? I love that word -- love how the block turned out.

    That book sounds fun to read.

    Have a great week ahead.