Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Customer quilts

Another sample to showcase new fabric in at The Country Yard called 'Fieldnotes' by Blackbird Designs Moda. Designed by Kerryn, owner of The Country Yard. 'Warm & Bright' polyester batting.
Some of my quilting inspiration came from Angela Walter's book 'Free Motion Quilting'.

 Diane Gaudynski. gave me the inspiration for this design called 'Celtic Bubbles'. I had a go at drawing the design when I saw it on Diane's blog, but I hadn't found the right quilt to try out this design, I really like it, how about you? ( what's with the finger in the photo? )

 Sometimes when I have a nice big open quilting area it is nice to divide the area up, this is what I did in this case. I used my curved ruler to mark the curves, then I echoed. For the inner section I did some large pebbles. I quilted rope on the crimson sashing, orange peel on the checker board & a hook feather on the 'Chinese coins'.

.........some double loops on the busy flower fabric..................

.............some loop feathers & another finger!

 For a quilt that has birds, you can't go wrong with feathers!

Apart from the curved ruler & the stencil for this Celtic knot, everything was free formed, no marking......just the way I like it.

Another sample for the shop, this time a panel called 'Baby Zoo Crew'.
Simple quilting, all over double loops for the centre using a soft variegated Gunold thread. Some cross hatching & straight lines & of course ditch stitching.



  1. Beautiful work....I really enjoyed seeing the different quilting. I hand quilt and just bought a longarm to learn this...am having fun but a long way to go..lol. It's nice to see these ideas to try.

  2. What wonderful quilting, Leeanne--and I didn't even notice the fingers. : )

  3. Wow - the celtic knot sure is cool - does it just take lots of back-tracking? (or is there a magic path through the lines?) Very nice job!

  4. Yes the celtic knots are must haves!!!

  5. Just beautiful Leeanne - gosh what hours of work involved!!! It occurred to me that there must be lots of mathematics involved in what you do????? Doesnt sound like me at all!!!! Love the colours in the 1st quilt. Julie :-)

  6. Wow Leeanne, your quilting is amazing. This quilt really showcases your work perfectly!!

  7. Fantastic quilting!! Feathers, swirls and pebbles ... you just couldn't go wrong - brilliant :)

  8. Such beautiful quilting. I had better keep practising !!!!!!