Monday, April 22, 2013

product trial

The other day I was gifted a Ecolux light to try. I had heard mention of them from Cindy Needham, Cindy spoke very highly of these lights. So I thought I would like to try one too.

So here is the before photo........

And the after photo....................
A subtle difference, but a significant one for the quilter! I love it!! This awesome little light is easy to install using 3M technology and is safe for your machine. At the moment they are only available from the Ecoluxlighting website
But hopefully they will be available in New Zealand soon! I will keep you posted.
Last weekend when I was visiting my adult children I slept under one of the quilts I made my youngest daughter  in 2003. Hand quilted, wool batting.
Wonderfully waving & well loved!

Do you think I needed to do a wee bit of hand quilting to the centre of the hearts!!! Teehee...........
Oh well we are all learning. Lots of tiny echo hand quilting around the hearts.
See the wool batting peaking out on the green sashing? 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That light looks really great!!! How cool your daughter still has the quilt and you got to sleep under it - fabulous hand quilting - that echo-ing around the heart must have taken forever!!

  2. I had read about those lights on Quiltville a while back and thought I would get one, but the price slowed me down at the time and then I forgot about them. Lucky you to be gifted one.
    What a sweet memory to sleep under that quilt. Wow--that was some tiny echo quilting!

  3. hand quilting oh my - Lovely to see a quilt that has been well loved.

    Love the mushrooms under your new light. Will watch out for a light to hit NZ shops

    Love Leanne

  4. Yes I can see a difference in the light Leeanne. Great that you get to try out these things - anything to make it easier to see is great in my book!!!
    That is one well-loved quilt of your daughters. It has sure stood the test of time though, Julie :-)

  5. Love the light, I am also doing Cindy's class and loving it.

  6. Your quilt looks lovely, beautiful hand quilting and it looks well loved!