Friday, May 3, 2013

Mettler Metallic threads............... :-)

Difficult to show the quilting with these darker quilts, but I did use Mettlers Metallic gold thread as well as an aqua poly neon & black threads. The first gold I tried was an old one I had, that in the past I had always had problems with, but I thought I would try it again.......but I had problems again (AKA.....get grumpy & throw the thread in the bin!), so I went to my local & bought Mettler Metallic, popped in a metallic needle, & off I went, no problems!!!
 I quilted Feathers, curling ribbon, straight lines & Celtic bubbles.
Lois has made this quilt for her daughter.........lets hope she likes it!

A view of the back...................................

I have finished another book, the first in the series called "A Someday Quilts Mystery" The Lovers Knot, by Clare O'Donohue

Nell Fitzgerald is looking forward to her wedding, and her grandmother’s gift of a wedding quilt, but things don’t go as planned, especially when Nell’s fiance calls off the wedding and Nell finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation – with her former fiance the chief suspect

I borrowed from my local Library, but unfortunately the second book is missing from the Library, they have book 3 & 4. So I have ordered it from the Book Depository, when I have read it I will donate it to the Library.......nothing worse in a series that needs to be read in order, one missing.

Enjoy the funny video!


  1. The quilt and quilting looks beautiful. You're nice to give the book to the library!! Such a cute dog clip too, well behaved dogs!!


  2. gorgeous quilting Leeanne - really like the effect of the metallic thread on the quilt. Yes I agree with Wendy - you are kind to donate the book to the Library, so sweet of you to complete their series. Happy weekend, Julie :-)

  3. Glad you found a thread that would co-operate - metallics are not the easiest! Great job on the quilting, as ever. Thanks for the video clip - brilliant :)

  4. There's nothing more frustrating than thread breaking or shredding constantly, urrgh. Glad you got it sorted because the results are stunning as always!