Tuesday, September 30, 2014

delicious texture!

Marcelle has been busy again! Look at this stunning teddy bear quilt. Measuring 66" x 64" this is a lovely sized quilt for a child.

These bears are soft, cute and cuddly, everything a bear should be. Marcelle asked for cross hatching in the background blocks, I did so using a variegated Madeira thread, this was also used for the feathered border. Polyester 'Soft and Bright' batting was used.

I don't often use contrasting threads as it can be risky for several reasons, but I love the risk I took and thankfully Marcelle was delighted! The thread is in soft pinks, greens, yellows and blues, not entirely visible in the photo's.

For the background of the bears I quilted a loopy meander. Look at that face, so lovable!
The quilt is a design by Sewjo Designs, called: "A Daisy A Day".

Marcelle tells me the pattern has a different saying that she was not over the moon about so she changed to : "Round and Round the Garden Went the Teddy Bear, One Step, Two Step, Tickle Under There".
Perfect don't you think?

                       Why not a few more feathers? And how about some more flowers?

                             I love the backing fabric, it seems to complement the quilt so well.

While taking photo's, the supervisor was on duty......................................................

Next up is Elizabeth's cosy lap quilt. A few years ago Elizabeth fell in love with the fabric and had to buy some (sound familiar???) later finding the perfect pattern in a magazine.

Elizabeth asked for an all over design of leaves, flowers, and tendrils. I did so free hand, which is always fun! For the border, feathers!

I used a soft beige variegated Gunold thread over wool batting. The quilt measures 48" square.
Thanks so much Elizabeth, lovely to hear you have the binding on and you are enjoying the quilt.

Thank you for stopping by and to all who contacted me when my blog and email vanished! They were a scary few days! My thanks goes to my husband for his persistence to sort this for me.


  1. Love seeing your quilting. I learn so much and gather inspiration. Love that teddy bear quilt. That is a very fun style of feather in the border.

  2. Gorgeous quilts, I love your quilting in the teddy bear one, so much detail! The feather border is beautiful.

  3. The Teddy Bear quilt s gorgeous. Just love it

  4. 2 lovely quilts and wonderful quilting. Great to read the technological hiccup has been sorted

  5. Gorgeous quilts especially the teddy quilt.

  6. I am totally in love with that teddy quilt Leeanne ... just beautiful, feels like I could reach into the screen & pat the bears :-) Glad to have you back in cyberspace my friend

  7. Beautiful!! Love the French General quilt....of course xx

  8. Such a helpful cat you have there!! What a lovely quilt the first one is, not that the other one isn't!!

  9. Two gorgeous quilts and your quilting of them is just beautiful! Love the teddies, very cute and the lap quilt-French general? Enjoy the week,

  10. Those bears are just too cute - they just have the most expressive faces - what fabric did she use for them? Also, do you mark your feather stems when you do a border like that?

  11. Two gorgeous quilts Leeanne with wonderful quiltmekiwi magic on them. Great gamble with the 'feature' thread too!

  12. Marcelle is a machine! Love the quilting on it and on Elizabeth's one too!

  13. wonderful quilting!
    using the textured fabric for the bear is such a cute idea.