Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilting, a bag & other bits

When I contacted Ileen yesterday to say her quilt was finished, she couldn't get to my studio quick enough! I didn't even get time to take any decent photo's of the quilt! Ileen made this one........a HUGE quilt measuring 100" x 110" for her son, the starry border to represent Matariki . Matariki is the Maori name for a small cluster of can read more here .
Ileen is not alone in the problem of wavy borders, until I had pointed out the importance of measuring borders, she had no idea. I gave her the link to Bonnie Hunters tutorial on borders for some help, also telling her she was not alone, this is a problem I see all too often. So, much unpicking went on before any quilting could take place.
Illeen wanted simple all over quilting in the middle, then 'something' on the border. I know bad photo's, but I did an all over in the middle, then the first border straight lines, second border more straight lines framing stipple, third border, curling ribbon & finally the outside border I quilted  roaming, looping stars.

Just to give my arms a wee rest after that huge quilt I did two wall hangings from Ngaire. Ngaire has been making these hangings from patterns featured in the New Zealand Quilter magazine.

Ngaire told me exactly how she wanted both these hangings quilted.

Not sure of the birds in the first hanging, but I'm pretty sure these two are Moreporks?
To see more of the series she has been making you can go here & here.

In my last post I mentioned hoping I would have a productive Sunday, well the answer is yes & no. I wanted to do more the time just seem to run faster on the weekends. Anyhow I did get a Library bag made for on granddaughters 6th birthday. I used Leanne Beasley's lovely pattern. I spend way too much time fussing with what fabrics to use, I know my granddaughter is into fairies at the moment, so I chose the yellow background fabric as my starter.

I hope to make her a bunting for her bedroom too, but we will see, I have plenty of other goodies in my 'gift box' that can be popped into her parcel if I run out of time!
Also on the home front.....................

I have been slowly plodding away at my Dresden plates.

I am starting to think about how I want to put this together, sashings, on point or as is? Of course my mind goes off to 'how will I quilt this?' Then of course what will I use as my centres?

Also another project that gets some 'plodding' time is my Angel Story by Annie Downs. I  have completed all the applique, I just have two blocks left that need the stitchery to be completed, then I can start putting the top together!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you all a happy rest of the week!


  1. Wow Leeanne, you have been busy :-) That is a huge quilt !! You have really made the wallhangings "pop" out at you - I love the yellow fairy fabric you have used in the book bag, hope you get the bunting done if time permits.
    There sure is alot of work in those quilts you are working on there, they will be stunning I am sure x0x

  2. The blue quilt is beautiful. So glad you got some time to do your own sewing, the library bag is very cute. Love your dresden plates and your angel quilt too.

  3. Where to start? So much good stuff! The storm at sea looks cool in the starry fabric.
    One of the most meaningful quilting classes I ever took was a class on measuring and attaching borders.
    Cute little fairy bag. Love the Dresdens! Do I see reverse applique in the "Angel" project? Looks very involved, but so nice!

  4. Busy post Leeanne - I wondered how the Dresdens were going and great to hear about the Angel Story blocks :-) Your customer quilts all very nice - wow BIG and small!! My weekends seem to run on faster time too!!!!

  5. Gosh Leeanne, you've been so busy! Huge congrats on getting the large quilt done, no wonder your arms needed a rest! The wallhangings are fun and the library bag cute :)

  6. Oh Leeanne, you make me so happy to see you too have lots of 'long-term' your Angels Story is nearly there now. Love your gd's book bag too.
    Your customer quilting are beautiful, the Matariki quilt is a very striking design, and boy that is huge!
    Have a lovely Friday...

  7. Girl! LOVE! LOVE the Dresden blocks! Your quilting will certainly make them pop!

  8. I love your Angel story... I have to confess that is a Long Term Project for me. You have been busy!

  9. Those are really large dimensions for this quilt. The Matariki starry border is really captivating. It really does look like little eyes when you think about it. I do not blame you for needing to rest your arms after taking on such a massive project. The hangings are great as well.

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