Sunday, July 21, 2013

productive weekend!

A whole weekend of productiveness!!! Gardening, cleaning the oven, yes, I even cleaned my oven! And sewing.
First up I made my granddaughter a bunting for her bedroom, I thought it would be bright & cheery, it should go with the quilt I made her when she was two.

The butterfly quilt was a Buggy Barn pattern, I backed the quilt with flannel & a butterfly label.
That was back I in 2009, seems a million years ago!!!

I also made 40 bowtie blocks that I can't show you for a few months yet as they are going to be a border on a special quilt I have been plodding away on.
I found some nice hand towels in Brisco's the other day, so today I 'pimped' them, they can go in my gift box, although the laundry one might not make it as it would go nice in my laundry with the rag/plastic bag holders, washing machine cover & peg bag made from the same fabric line.

I also made some Christmas decorations, but I will show them later in the week as part of the link up thingie for 1 Xmas item over at Narelle's.

I didn't finish this next item today, but a few weeks ago, but as this runner was for my friends birthday & that was yesterday, I can now show you!

I bought a panel of this coffee cup fabric, I might have to make myself something from it as I really like the weekend maybe?

And last but not least a book took me a month to finish, I'm pretty slow on the reading front, as I only read when I go to bed in the evening & I don't get far before I'm nodding off!
Another by Clare O'donohue, the third so far, a nice read.

Book #3
Nell and the gang head to a quilt retreat in the Adirondacks. What’s supposed to be a fun week in the woods soon turns deadly, and one of their own is the chief suspect.

I have started the fourth book, I see on Clare's website, there are two more!......maybe I need to go to bed earlier!
Who's watching the new TV programmes, 'Mr Selfridge', 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'. The clothes are amazing, so pretty! & tonight a new series of 'Call the Midwife'.
Thanks for stopping by to my neck of the woods!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, so many lovely projects. The bunting is such a gorgeous idea and I love the butterfly quilt. Love your towels and runner too.

  2. Would you call it a relaxing weekend or a working weekend Leeanne? We are very impressed and love the bunting, hugs Kerry and Barb

  3. i need your motivation!!! All i seem to do lately is sit by the river in the sun. :) Love the butterfly quilt!...and your bunting!! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Woohoo, busy day. Doesn't the bunting look great! Cool arty photo on on the fence :-) It sounds like you have the flashest laundry in town!!

  5. Wow Leeanne, you have been busy!! Cleaning the oven would be enough to need a rest up!!! Well, mine would :-) I love Yasmins bunting strung on the fence, also all your other makes are beautiful. I too get my handtowels from Briscoes as find they are really good quality. Yes it takes me ages to finish a book too but its good "wind down" time at the end of the day. Have a great week x0x

  6. Oh, are you supposed to clean your oven? What a concept! : )
    Love the bunting. And what a very cute butterfly quilt!

  7. Busy, busy as usual! I love "Call the Midwife" - great characters and stories, even though they are sometimes tough subjects. Enjoy :)

  8. Wow, no wonder you don't get much read when you get to bed, you must be exhausted! You got some lovely projects worked on Leeanne, love that bunting. I watched Miss Fisher for the first time too, love it, and we all enjoyed Call the Midwife. I have recorded Mr S, but haven't watched it yet.... so good to have some great TV that isn't so-called 'reality'...