Friday, November 22, 2013

Music, birds & lady birds

 First up is a sample for The Country Yard. A Music panel, with some border fabric added top & bottom & a round of a feature fabric for the border & binding. Cotton batting, gold Metalic thread for the 'bling' on the border & bobbin fill for the loose meander & the 'Organic' cross hatching, over cotton batting.

Next up is Leonie's foundation pieced bird quilt, made as a Christmas present for family members, I'm sure it will be treasured. Leonie sent me the top, a vintage sheet for the backing & a wool blanket for the batting. Because of the wool blanket, I kept the quilting fairly loose as not the make the quilt heavier & stiffer than it already was. This is Leonie's third quilt if my memory is not failing me.
Leonie tells me she got the patterns from Tartankiwi, great patterns!

 When a quilter is given a quilt with birds, we can't help but quilt feathers can we?? Well that's my excuse for banging some more feathers onto this fine looking quilt! Gunold & Madeira threads, lots of ditch stitching on these blocks.

A view of the vintage sheeting on the back...............................................................

And just because I liked the Frangipani backdrop.......................................(Thanks Leonie! )

Last but not least......................................Jacki's lovely Jelly Roll creation for the grandchildren.

Big apologies, I have forgotten the name of the designer of this pattern. I know Jacki used one Jelly roll, plus some fabric for the borders & binding. Once again I used Gunold & Madeira thread, this time over Cotton/Bamboo batting. Jacki made a cute backing.

Simple loose stipple, ditch stitching around all the applique & a flower medley on the border.

Leaving you with a lovely 'quilty' saying:

Good memories are like a patchwork quilt, each section is sewn together to be wrapped around us and treasured forever.


  1. You did a wonderful job on Leonie's bird quilt... between you and me I think there will be a similar bird quilt coming in your direction from a different source sometime after Christmas! I can't wait to see what you will do with it.

  2. I'm a quarter of the way through putting the binding on the birdie quilt... But I just sit there and stroke it half the time I'm supposed to be stitching I'm so happy with what you've done Leeanne! Thanks again! And I'm sure the other two quilts have made been met with great joy too!

  3. Great work, where oh where do you find the time?.???

  4. What interesting bird blocks. You meet the challenge so well of choosing the quilting designs. With such a variety of quilts coming in, you have to be very creative in selecting those designs.

  5. Wonderful quilts. That bird quilt in particular is stunning, a real family treasure :)

  6. So many wonderful quilts, you must get to see a real variety! The bird quilt is gorgeous and that's an interesting idea to use a vintage blanket and sheet to finish it. All your quilting looks beautiful and goes perfectly with each quilt.

  7. Love your Christmas photos in your header. Love that music quilt, but alas I have enough projects to last me a number of years.

  8. Gosh you have been productive Leeanne ... I actually really love that bird quilt, & birds are not usually my "thing". I love the vintage sheet backing fabric. Also love the quilting you have done on each quilt.

  9. My goodness, you have been productive! I love that idea of the swirl at the corner of the the feather border in that bird quilt. Do you mind if I borrow that idea for a future quilt? I hope my swirl turns out as perfect as yours....