Friday, April 11, 2014

"A Little Bit Country"

Hi there readers, remember back here I gave you a sneak peek? The maker & owner of this beautiful quilt now has her quilt back from me, which means no more sneak peek for you.

Pam started off with Libby Richardson's patterns called "A Little Bit Country", then set about choosing fabrics, didn't she do a fabulous job!
Pam said please no heavy quilting, but had seen my orange peel & feathers on some of the quilts I have quilted at The Country Yard & quite fancied those designs for her quilt.

Pam does out of this world stitching, her Holly hocks, Wisteria & daisies are so spectacular. I love the touches of laces too. Pam gave me a poly batting which was quite lofty, but looks good. There was plenty of ditch stitching to do in the quilt, around all the pieces of applique.....................did I tell you there was heaps of ditch stitching? Ok, so I did. Pam didn't want any other quilting on the applique blocks.

See the Wisteria?????? Those babies are hundreds of french knots!

Lucky for me my customers like feathers! See the RicRac used as fret work on the roof?

This one is for the back lovers.
The sneak peek I gave you the other day is now a finished quilt &  off to the South Island in the safe hands of the posties, when it arrives with the owner I will blog about that lovely quilt too.

Wishing you a big thank you for stopping by, it is always nice to hear from you.


  1. That is beautiful stitching!! And quilting too :). Gorgeous work ladies! Have a great weekend x

  2. Pam's stitching is amazing! Yours too!


  3. Beautiful quilt.. Pam is one gifted lady

  4. You two make a wonderful team--her beautiful stitchery with your wonderful quilting! Both are amazing! : )

  5. Well done to you both!! Pam's work is beautiful and you have complimented it well. I am sure she is more than happy with it :-)

  6. What a gorgeous quilt - wow:) Beautiful stitchery Pam and as always, amazing quilting Leeanne :)

  7. Wow Leeanne - that is stunning - just a truely gorgeous quilt & I love the stitcheries she has done. Also love how you have quilted it - just perfect as usual :-)

  8. Oh gosh isn't that embroidery a masterpiece, looks like a painting there is so much detail. Your subtle quilting lets the handwork sing it's own song....beautiful.