Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The birds are here!

I have just received an email from Juliet who lives in the South Island to say she received her quilt today........amazing, as I only posted this off on Monday!
Not only has Juliet made this quilt, be she designed it! Isn't she clever! When Juliet saw I had quilted her designs for another one of my customers (who, is of course one of her customers!) she decided to send her quilt top to me to quilt. Thank you Juliet.

Juliet designs paper piecing patterns & sells her creations on Craftsy, see here. Juliet wanted feathers, which seem perfectly logical because there are all those birds! I suggested adding some swirls, which look a bit like koru's. I threw in some 'pebbling' which in this nature setting looks like berries for the birds to eat.

Juliet didn't really fancy stippling, so I suggested, a vine of leaves, flowers & loops for the background of each bird block. Gunold & madeira threads were used over cotton/bamboo batting.

Of course there is lots of ditch stitching, which I feel adds something important. Don't you think this really helps make the piecing 'pop'.

What fun I had quilting these feathers, they just took on a life of their own! They flowed here, there & just added lovely texture.

Funny how the photo's show the tealy/jade background fabric up as different in each photo.

That one is for you back lovin' gals, the next is for the nature lovin' gals.......well it sure seemed nice laying on my lawn, with soft shadow from the silk tree. A quick photo before the real birds left a lasting mark!! :-)

Enjoy Juliet!

Speaking of Craftsy, my Long arm quilting pal in America also designs patterns & sells on Craftsy, as well as lovely quilting! Please pop over here to see her wonderful stitchery designs!


  1. Wonderful quilting, Leeanne! Those paper pieced birds are beautiful, too!

  2. This is absolutely amazing Leeanne such gorgeous gorgeous work on both yours and Juliets behalf!

  3. Wonderful quilting Leeanne and a wonderful design Juliet. The little sneek preview sure had me fooled. Now I see I wasn't looking at borders but the main part of the quilt.!

  4. Beautiful Leeanne, That's what I love about your feathers, they just flow beautifully.
    Juliet's birds are so life like...
    Julia ♥

  5. I am always in awe of how those girls piece together these intricate bird designs, I love how you have quilted it Leeanne - especially the vine leaves, flowers & loops in the bird blocks. It looks great laying on your lawn with the dappled light :-)

  6. Love the jade colour, and the quilting is outstanding! (no funny eyes today either)

  7. It is gorgeous Leeanne, I love the way the feathers had a life of their own and flowed around the quilt. Juliet's designs are lovely.

  8. A real masterpiece!

    The thing I would make when I would be a better stitcher.
    The nearest I ever got to making a birds quilt is this:

  9. Wow, your quilt looks fantastic. Wonderful quilting.
    Happy Easter!
    Grit from Germany

  10. A real treasure - amazing work ladies!!

  11. Such a gorgeous quilt with the native birds and your quilting is beautiful. Lovely!