Friday, May 16, 2014

Makin' creatin' & laughin'...........................

                 Aren't they the best things in life? All three help me feel happy & content.

Sharing with you today where so much of that happened! Our annual retreat, at McGregors Bay. This was one of our MANY views.
Arriving Friday morning to help set up the hall for 18 crafty ladies, I got out of my car to take in the views.

Do you see the ship? It was a huge ship leaving Marsden Oil Refinery. I counted four different ships coming & going over the weekend.

A couple of hours later we had 14 Sewezi tables set up & two big trestle tables set up for another 4 ladies, that didn't have Sewezi tables. Plus four cutting tables, 3 ironing boards & irons, a small lounge area, as well as a dinning area. By the way so much lovely food was consumed, but we made a pact : what happens at retreat stays at retreat!

             Several of us used the same bag pattern, but ended up with very different bags!

Here is mine........................................

Me IN my bag!!

This is a Gathering Stitchers pattern, called Vintage Angel Sewing Bag. I added a doiley for the more vintage look. I also made pockets for the lining as I want mine as a handbag rather than a sewing bag. A gal has to have somewhere for the cellphone, keys & pen etc!

Saturday morning we had a Breast Cancer Awareness morning tea fundraiser. We all had to wear a hat, some like me just grabbed a hat as they were leaving home, others put more thought into their hats. There was one the won the vote & won the long tablerunner as a prize, but I didn't get her permission to load her photo on my blog, so will have to just tell you about her 'hat'. A red moulded/wire bra fastened to her head along with some gold beaded necklace draped through the straps! So funny & a perfect choice for such a morning tea. The following photo's are just a few other hats..................

Loved this one too!

Now for some more sewing. I made the bag & one & a half fabric dolls. I have since finished the second doll.

Meet Winnie ( not sure she will keep that name, I am open to suggestions) a 'Mumms Moment' pattern.

Fancy some lacy pantaloons? She was fun to make & now takes place hanging in my dinning room.

Next up is Hannah's Angel by 'Country Friends'. I wished I had taken progress photo's as I had several laughing fits. Such a strange looking body she has, please don't tell her I said that! But when she had a body & no arms & one leg, yes she has one leg that once attached to her body gets a row of running stitch to create 'two' legs!

Antique lace, a wee pocket for treasures & cloves for her hair. I was gifted her wire wings by Rachel, which I liked better than the fabric wings stated on the pattern.

I felt like some creepy person stabbing holes in the side of her head to poke the cloves in to make her hair!

Each morning & afternoon I went for a walk, on one walk I found Whangarei Heads school. What a cute school. Located at the school was an old church that's now used as the community Library, there was also a community art centre. What I love the best was the location & the school had a family of Bantam hens.

the school protected by Mt Manaia

Bantam hen house painted by the children, I love the sign on the door!

Art work all around the school

some views while out walking

wishing my views on my regular morning walks were like this!

Thanks for hanging in there with all the photo's, but I hope you enjoyed them all.
Back next week with a beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt to share with you.


  1. Sounds like a busy, but, fun weekend. Love your dolls. Great photos

  2. What fun and in such a beautiful spot. Love all your dollies and the bags are great too. Glad you have had a lovely retreat.

  3. What gorgeous views Leeanne - they are stunning :-) Love, love, love your bags & dolls ... love Winnie & Hannah's Angel. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend & got lots accomplished. Those views are amazing, dont they just make such a difference to everything having views like that. x0x (p.s My son has that fish hat!!!)

  4. Looks like an amazing place for a creative retreat. Sounds like you ladies really know how to make the most of your time together!
    LOVE you modeling your bag/hat!

  5. What a beautiful place. And stitch and sew and be with like minded friends. Just love your dolls

  6. Such beautiful views, looks like a wonderful view. Your bags are gorgeous, love the doily on yours. And your dolls are gorgeous too, I really love Winnie and her beautiful apron!

  7. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend, v. jealous!

  8. So glad you had a good time. I think quilt retreats are my favourite weekends, but I missed out on our last one at club. You had such beautiful views. I love seeing how different people's personalities are with their bags made from the same pattern.

  9. What a productive weekend, Joe's worked at the refinery a few times in the past. we passed that way in February this year but we kept going further north, we stayed at Te Ngaire Bay, next bay along from Matauri Bay. We just love it in the Bay of Island and the Far North. We'll certainly be back up there again sometime. To be in that part of the country AND quilt all weekends, well what could be more perfect :D

  10. Great idea to combine the fundraising for breast cancer awareness with the retreat - I'll have to remember that for next year and organise something special with the local ladies. You guys certainly look like you had a great time - and those views! Amazing.

  11. Oh Leanne what a beautiful place. Love the photo of you 'in you bag'.

  12. I love your angel Leeanne. The hair and wings are perfect. Yes it was a wonderful productive weekend in a very special spot.

  13. The quilts are so nice! :)
    Hugs, Ulla

  14. Loved this blog post. What a fabulous place to have a retreat... and it looked like you all had a wonderful time. Great work ... I just loved all the bags and your dolls. The dolls look a bit complicated...not something I have ever tried. The company... and the food ... always tend to make retreats such fun.

  15. Amazing spot for a retreat. You all look like you had a productive and fun weekend.... love all the bags, what a great variety!

  16. oh that looks a wonderful fun and relaxing retreat. Looks like you got a lot of sewing done too.

  17. Love the views - what am amazing place to have a retreat and to be able to go off on walks is wonderful! You make a sensational hat/bag model!!! Love the dolls! Was great to see the school, and the very HundertWasser (is that the right name?) pole, so like the ones in Warkworth.

  18. OoOoh ! This dolls are lovely ! hugs from France.

  19. It was a great weekend wasn't it, and you got some lovely photos. Love how your dolls turned out - such cute personalities and I am sure they will forgive you all the insults and indecencies :-)