Friday, October 17, 2014

custom and all over quilting, plus a couple of wins for me!

Happy Friendly Friday! Hello to all from near and far!
The first quilt I have to share with you is one my customer asked for an all over quilting design.

Slip on your sun glasses for this cheerful zippy quilt! Liz made this whack and stack quilt using batik fat quarters.

I quilted a swirl leaf for the all over quilting using a lovely YLI variegated thread in rich purples and wine reds, difficult to see I know, but trust me, it is very appealing.

Liz has donated this quilt to be raffled at her grandchildren's gala. I am sure someone will be delighted to win this lovely cheery quilt. The quilt measures 60" x 67" batting : Matilda's Own wool/poly.
For the back lovers............................

Next is another cheery quilt of a different kind. Made at one of The Country Yard's  classes called "Loose Change".

Lois is fondly know as 'The Cat Lady' simply because she cannot resist cat fabrics, so much like I cannot resist one hundred dollar bills.....................but it seems my stash is rather tiny, in fact my hundred dollar bill stash does not exist!! You win the biggest stash competition Lois!
I think Lois may have put a dent in her cat fabric stash with this quilt.

When Lois Let me Quilt  for her we went for cross hatching, as I did for my shop sample, see here. The border was given a custom quilting treatment of 'cat' words such as : "curiosity killed the cat" ~ "cat got your tongue" ~ meow ~ pussy cat ~purr like a cat..........and so on and so forth!

The quilt measures 72" square and 50%wool50%cotton batting, signature thread for the cross hatching and madeira poly neon for the border..
Lois made a fabulous backing fabric pieced with some more of those cat fabrics!

a snapshot of the back

Thank you Lois and Liz for your continued supply of quilts.

Now to share a couple of wins I have had recently. The first is from Julie over at JulieKQuilts. I thoroughly enjoy Julie's blog, she makes the loveliest scrappy quilts and her needle turn applique is stunning. As a busy nurse she sure gets many quilts started AND finished! Usually her lovely dog Rosie is on hand to give her approval of any quilts laying on the floor.

Looks like a fun quilt, I have seen a few of these quilts popping up out there in bloggy land. Thank you so much Julie.

Next is actually two wins. Primitive Gathering Magazine and one of the sisters Jeni were having separate know you leave a comment thinking someone will win this lovely prize but not me. Well I won, such a nice feeling.

On Jeni's blog we were asked to name her online sew along. I said I liked the name "A Life of Plenty". Then on the Primitive Gatherings blog I answered one of their survey's. So they bundled up my prizes and sent them all the way down to little New Zealand to me! Thank you so much ladies!. Jeni I think I have all the material's to start your sew along!

Christmas is coming along nicely so if you are wanting me to quilt for you before Christmas you still have time to send your tops to me. See "Let me Quilt for You" for tips and ideas.

Well another week on the wind down, I hope you are all planning a happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your new look blog page Leeanne. 2 more lovely quilts quilted to perfection. Congratulations on your wins

  2. So glad the pattern got there, and wow! Love your other win as well! enjoy!

  3. Your swirly leaf quilting is wonderful! Love the look.
    Clever idea to quilt catty phrases around the border of the cat quilt.
    You really scored with the wins, girl! How fun! : )

  4. I do like the back view, showing those swirls and more, and a win or two, it is always so exciting to open the mail on that day. Cheers,Jean

  5. Lovely quilts.
    Congrats on your prizes. How awesome that you won such great things. So you are the winner of the name the quilt contest. Congrats! I really like the name you came up with. I have been working on trying to catch up with the blocks she has put out so far.

  6. Both lovely quilts Leeanne, I think you have showed that Loose Change pattern before, always looks lovely. Love the cat words on it too :-)
    Gorgeous prizes you have won there too I think .... lucky girl, love the name you came up with.

  7. More lovely work Leeanne. Congrats on your great wins as well xx

  8. I do like the name wack and stack!! I know a few people I could wack and stack!! Nice quilt too, batik fabric is so nice and colourful.

  9. Just spent a few minutes catching up on your blog. Lots of lovely quilts and quilting. Love the 'superviser' pic of your cat! The all over pattern in the stack and whack quilt is particularly nice too. And you've won quite a haul, go you!

  10. More great quilting Leeanne. What yummy prizes you received. Good for you

  11. Great quilting!! and wahoo for a few wins! Great when those sorts of parcels show up in the mail :)

  12. Gorgeous quilting, your wins are lovely, wonderful wins!!

  13. Whoops I missed this post! Great to see Lois's quilt. The script around the outside is way cool. Great winnings, too, lucky you! I've been thinking about doing the Omigosh quilt as my next scrappy - a great way to use some small scraps!