Saturday, December 6, 2014

For the children.....................

Hello bloggy pals! Happy to share a post with you today, three quilts made by Marcelle extraordinaire!

(Sneaky peeky sun!) Marcelle has featured many many times on my blog, not only does she make lovely quilts but she is a very busy mother!
The first two quilts she made for her twin daughters who I think are nearly two??
First is 'patchwork chevron' by Jeni Baker, you will find the pattern here on Moda bake shop.

For those of you who follow my quilting days on Facebook you might remember seeing my sneak peek of these feathers.
Marcelle ask for custom quilting on both quilts.

Ditch stitching, echo lines and feathers! Feathers, free flowing, see where we go kinda feathers! Nice to add a heart or two.

A flower or three! Of course it's nice to add some pebbles and swirls, these create some eye candy texture.

The pieced blocks got the pattern meandering in a riot of colour in the Maderia variegated thread.
Marcelle made lovely pieced backings for both quilts.

Quilt facts:
Fabrics :'Woodlands' by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches and a Moda Solid. 79"x79" Matilda's Own wool/poly batting, I love the texture that this batting creates.

The second quilt...................................

Marcelle was inspired by a picture she saw in a magazine. Again I was asked to custom quilt this beauty.
Similar quilts, the fabric even the angular design, so with that in mind I kept the custom quilting similar also.

Feathers again on the Moda Solid, pattern meandering on the grey marble fabric and for the pieced square blocks I cross hatched.

The same fabrics as the previous quilt, with the addition of the grey marble. The same batting, but this quilt is 81" x 81" square. Another lovely pieced backing. Marcelle was helpful to the quilter and pressed the seams on her pieced backing open. See 'Let me Quilt for you' for tips on what to do with your quilt top and backing for a nicer finished quilt.............and a happy quilter!!

Lastly, a scrappy kids quilt made up to give as a gift. Marcelle ask for a all over quilting design this time.

A fun sort 'eye spy' quilt, lots for kids to look at and find. This time the batting was a polyester. I chose a 'Whirls' pattern, which is fun and reminds me of kids twirling around until they get dizzy and fall over, remember doing that as a kid?

Another pieced backing. Marcelle wanted to use up two Dr Seuss panels.
This quilt measures : 57" x 74".

Use them up she did! Cat in the Hat is a fun loving crazy cat. Now he is quilted with whirls on him!

Thank you so much Marcelle, I had fun with all of these quilts.
When I was out in the garden taking photo's of these quilts I found this .......................................

I will be honest and say I was a bit scared of touching this alien looking thing, I was picturing it was going to come to life and grab me! Ok crazy I know, but they were my personal inner thoughts!
We have two of these plants in the garden, they came with the house, even though they are not what I would choose to plant, I quite like them.

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  1. What beautiful quilts, love the twins quilts, the fabric is wonderful.....the eye spy is lovely too and your quilting is just amazing!!!!! Wow that plant looks like the frondy bits should be waving about ready to grab things........that could grab you and suck you in!!!! Or they could all turn and look at you!!! Lol!!

  2. The quilts are lovely, your quilting as dual AMAZINGLY. I wouldn't be putting my hands anywhere near that plant either

  3. What wonderful, free-flowing, feathery designs! Beautiful job!
    My goodness, that plant looks like it could hold someone captive. : )

  4. Super quilting, lovely designs, and your plant? A type of palm? fern? Definitely not on my list of plants down here!! Jean.

  5. Beautiful quilts AND quilting Leeanne ... how does Marcelle manage all that with two small littlies to look after I ask you????!!!! Love the pieced backings too.
    Be careful that your plant doesnt come to life & turn into a triffid my friend !!!!!

  6. Marcelle must be satyng thankyou to you amazing quilting on these quilts

  7. Lovely quilts and your quilting is again si wonderful! My Duo Penotti quilt I'm finishing now should have such quilting! I love them!

  8. What beautiful quilts Marcelle has made and your quilting Leanne has finished them to perfection. I love the fabrics she has used also.

  9. Gorgeous quilts - where does Marcelle find the time?! She is becoming quite the Queen of backings, too!!

  10. Amazing quilting - lucky kids! Hopefully they don't try to colour it in like certain children that I know! I will have to get you to draw me out how you do these sort of designs - I need to see the flow of it. And wow, that plant looks scary!

  11. WOW!! The twin quilts looked like nice quilt tops, but your amazing quilting has taken them to a whole different level. Brilliant work, I'm in total awe :)

  12. Oh! - I just love the blend of motifs in your feathers fields - feathers, berries, McTavishing, flowers - it all works so nicely together!~

  13. they're all gorgeous Leeanne but oh my word... the first two are breathtaking!!! Amazing work :)