Friday, January 23, 2015

Custom quilting and all over quilting designs.

Facebook followers would have seen some sneak peeks of the following quilts.

Pam was part of a sampler class at The Country Yard a few years back, as life goes for all of us from time to time Pam only finished this quilt in the second half of last year.

Pam and I were unanimous about the need for this quilt to be custom quilted, but light custom quilting, no all over quilting designs here.

You may remember seeing several other sampler quilts featured here on my blog, see here for Kerryn's (shop owner), here for Jill's, if you like purple you will like that one! Over at this post was Barbara's quilt.

Some of the pressing of seams were a bit flip floppy, this makes for tricky ditch stitching, so the quilting is not quite as elaborate as the previous samplers I have quilted, but Pam was happy and I think you will agree the quilt looks lovely.

I had fun quilting some ovals on the Log Cabin and Drunkards Path blocks, circles on the Sunbonnet Sue and Grandmothers Garden blocks, giving them a sort of framing or focus.

Pam chose cotton batting, when washed up gives a nice drape and antique look to the quilt.

As my regular readers and followers will notice feathers have a frequent slot on my blog!

the back.

Quilts make such lovely gifts to give when a new baby arrives, such a personal and practical present. Marcelle often makes cot quilts to gift when a friend or family member has a baby.

This baby quilt is a fun and cheerful cross design, using polar fleece for the backing ( which can be problematic due to the high stretch)  I suggested using a light poly batting as well. I find when you use just polar fleece with no batting the quilt seems limp and lacks life. So by adding some batting it does two jobs, the first to help give that stretchy polar fleece some stability and it creates texture and softy loftyness.

An all over quilting design (a.k.a edge to edge) is a great choice for a quilt you know is going to be washed more than two or three times a year, one that will be cuddled, dribbled on or used for making huts.

The backing......................................

Angelina is fourteen and this is her first quilt, made for her horse loving mother as a birthday present.

Made using a panel and with the help of her grandmother I think she has done a fabulous job!

Angelina saw an all over quilting design of hearts and loops on another customer quilt.
 By the way this quilt is perfectly pieced, it hangs straight and is square as square can be! Take no notice of my photo, that was how I had hung the quilt and the gusty wind was not helping any.

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  1. Love seeing the custom quilting up close. The ovals on the Drunkard's Path look like Celtic Knotwork. Some great ideas in your quilting of the blocks. Thanks for showing them!

  2. Lovely quilts with great quilting as always. Congratulations to Angelina. It is wonderful to see a young person involved and I bet her mother will be thrilled with the quilt.

  3. All lovely quilts and quilting if course. Angelina must be feeling very proud of yerself and she has every right to.

  4. Love the colours Pam has used in her Sampler quilt there Leeanne, & also how you have chosen to quilt it ... just sets it off perfectly. Other lovely quilts too ... gosh Angelina has done an amazing job for her first quilt ... bet her Mum will treasure this birthday gift :-)

  5. More examples of your beautiful quilting the ovals and circles! The baby quilt is cute..Angelina has done an amazing job!!

  6. Gosh that's a fab quilt and beautiful quilting. I'm mightily impressed oi yam! ;-D They're all lovely of course but there's a hell of a lot of work gone into that first one. :D

  7. Leanne, where is the cat?? And my cup of tea??

  8. Lovely, lovely quilting Leeanne and I love the horses!

  9. As always is your quilting lovely, I love the circles so much! How clever of the 14 year old: what a stunning quilt for her mum, I think my 11 year old granddaughter would love it, too!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  10. Hi Leeanne, just catching up after holidays. I love the first quilt and your quilting is gorgeous. Your folk art blooms quilt further down is beautiful too, looks perfect on your bed!

  11. It's wonderful to hear from you, LeeAnne. You have been busy as well! [I think my comment should take... keeping my fingers crossed.]

  12. Wonderful quilting Leeanne, and beautiful quilts.Shirley