Friday, January 30, 2015

In Flight and a couple of secrets

Hello readers and friends, nice to have you stopping by once again!
Today I can share a quilt I finished custom quilting for my lovely customer Leonie.

Leonie was a pattern tester for Juliet  from The TartanKiwi, designer of some amazing foundation pieced patterns. "In Flight" was designed by Juliet as a Sew Along. Please see her blog if you wish to participate.

I have been fortunate enough to quilt several of Juliet's designs, either made by her own hand or by some of Juliet's customers that have purchased her patterns. Do you remember Juliet's Big Bear quilt I custom quilted  just before Christmas? Click your way over to this post to see.

Some other of Juliet's designs have featured on my blog before, see here , here and here.

Leonie asked for 'swirls and twirls'..................I love that description! While quilting this pretty quilt the feeling of wind, freedom and summery days were in my mind and that is what I think came through my hands.

Leonie usually chooses my cotton batting and I used a variegated Gunold thread in blues and whites. I like the 'sketch' type of print fabrics for the backgrounds and the liberty type fabrics for the birds (which were also used for the backing........sorry back lovers I didn't get a photo of that).

I will be sad to loose Leonie as a customer as she and her family are making the big move to the UK. I wish her all the very best and thank her for her custom and friendship.

On a personal sewing front I have been pottering away on a few bits and pieces when time allows while making another Block of the Month quilt sample for The Country Yard.
First is a belated Christmas present for a friend in a sewing group I belong to, we have a Christmas swap in February due to other commitments of the group members.

Did you really think I was going to show you the finished item?? You know I like to have a few secrets, I promise I will show you next month!

The wee 'helper', AKA 'Supervisor'.........AKA Simon was keeping an eye on the photographer.

Same for the next photo.........................something for someone somewhere!

Back to the customer quilt I am working on......................................


  1. OOhh I can definately see why that quilt got its title Leeanne ... very appropriate. And as for those sneak peeks ... is that the recipients initials on the bag?? That next customer quilt you are working on looks most interesting with different textures :-)

  2. That looks awesome! I'm not a foundation piecer of I would have joined in seeing as I have a soft spot for birds.

  3. What a wonderful quilt and your quilting is once amazing! Very teasing sneak peeks you have there!! Good to see the supervisor is on the job!!

  4. That quilt is spectacular...I adore birds in any setting.
    Hi Simon!


  5. Wow, her patterns are beautiful! Your quilting captured the feel of birds in flight--the freedom and the flow. Wonderful job!

  6. Love the birds and your quilting is just perfect for the quilt.

  7. The free motion quilting is beautiful--looks like your supervisor knows how to crack the whip

  8. The flight quilt is gorgeous and your quilting suits it perfectly, lovely! The glimpses of the gifts look beautiful too.

  9. Wow, love the flight lifelike, the birds actually look like they are flying through the air in between the stitches..
    Julia ♥

  10. That quilt is amazing .. .. .. all three of you are very talented !! !! !!

  11. Loving the swirls and twirls, perfect for the design, like you were up there with them!

  12. Hello Simon you gorgeous boy, tell mum the quilts are pretty fine!!!

  13. Beautiful quilt... and lovely quilting! The twirls & swirls really give the impression of flight! Linda

  14. I love your quilting, I wish you were closer I'd be bringing my black and white in for you to do. Great work, handsome cat :D I'm intrigued by the last two photos :D