Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How can I help you turn those quilt tops into Quilts?

                                                  I would like to answer that question.
                                               The first seems obvious...........quilting!
                                                 Let's first start with custom quilting. 

Custom quilting consists of stitching in the ditches, around appliques and quilting designs to enhance your blocks, borders and sashings.

                      I can work with applique, pieced, wholecloth, panels and stitchery quilts.

                                   The density and intensity of the quilting is your choice.

I also offer all over quilting designs (edge to edge quilting), this option works well for utility quilts or if you want your quilt back in a short space of time (custom quilting is more time consuming). All over quilting designs work well for those on a budget.

                                 As well as quilting, I offer a full or partial binding service.

                                   - I make, attach and hand stitch your binding in place.(full service)
                                   - You make the binding and I attach and hand stitch in place.
                                   - I attach the binding you made and you hand stitch in place.

                                               I also have a selection of battings for sale.

                                                 I will even make a bespoke quilt label!!

As well as all of these helpful services I also offer machine basting. As much as I love quilting for my customers I realise some people like to do their own quilting. So often I hear complaints of sore backs and knees from kneeling down on the floor to baste quilts. There is no need to do this any longer as I can thread baste for you! No more back breaking work.

                                  Kerry said this about my thread basting service:

Using Leeanne's thread basting service was so good.... there was no taping  a quilt to the floor  then having to deal with the  pinning up of a quilt. This made ditch stitching very easy and was great  not having to stop to remove pins, and in no time at all you were onto the main body of quilting.The thread Leeanne used for basting was highly visible and very easy to remove.
I will be using this service again and highly recommend it others.

                                              Sharing Barbara's comments with you:

Leeanne has basted a quilt for me and I am very happy with the result. I will definitely be asking for this basting service in the future.  No more crawling over the floor pinning my quilts together and it makes quilting such a pleasure with no pins to worry about as I quilt. Thank you Leeanne.

I will thread baste approximately 4-5" columns  using my long arm machine and a contrasting thread. When you have finished your quilting you simply pull the threads out! How cool is that!
For more details see "let me Quilt for you". (top of this page).


  1. That Santa quilt in photo 4 took my breath away Leeanne, as did the teddy bear quilts :-)
    I was just wondering .... do you by any chance offer a service where you make the entire quilt first for me .... quilt it .... bind it ... label it ... & I take all the credit for it ????**!!!!

  2. I just dribbled quite a bit actually looking at those quilts! Lovely quilts and you're such a clever bugga aintcha! :D I like that idea of getting the basting done, I always get in such a palaver! :D

  3. This is why you are known as Leeanne Pro Quilter in my phone, because you are just so clever!!! You may well be the only Professional person I know!!

  4. Am a huge fan of your work - you are a legend!

  5. Beautiful work! Your customers are very lucky to have you quilt for them!

  6. You are so clever Leeanne, such beautiful work!! I wish I lived closer!!

  7. Your quilting is amazing Leeanne -- Always inspirational.

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  9. I recognise a few of those quilts and also can not recommend you highly enough !