Friday, April 24, 2015

Stitchers Garden and a birthday celebration.

        Check out Jacki's stunning "Stitchers Garden" quilt! Made in a class at The Apple Basket.

Made with some gorgeous scrummy fabrics, linens, textured fabrics and fabrics with a slight overlay of sparkle for a teeny bit of 'bling'!
You may remember seeing the same design a couple of months back when I quilted Chris' version. See this post.
Jacki asked for a few points of difference, in her words :"no frilly dilly stuff"...............................
So it was straight lines in and 'frilly dilly' quilting out!!

 One of the challenges I faced with this beautiful quilt was the applique blocks have already been quilted, the backgrounds have a semi lofty stabilizer on the back side and each background has it's own 'quilting'. You will notice the above block shows diagonal decorative  pin tucking, so this was my challenge, I was reluctant to do any quilting in the background. 

You can see in the photo above the decorative stitching on the background fabric, all that can be done on these blocks is ditch stitching as not interfere with these decorations. Some of SID (stitching in the ditch) had to be 1/8th or 1/4" from the edge of the appliques as the decorative stitching often protruded over the edges of the applique shapes.

A swirl and some curling ribbon on the border wasn't to frilly for Jacki she rather liked the touch and the fact that the fabric is patterned the quilting gives texture more than a stand out quilting design.

I have been quilting for Jacki for several years now and I feel like I know her style : clean lines, simplicity and definitely NO  frills.............................I had to send the feathers packing for this quilt!
Thanks so much Jacki. Back lovers will enjoy the backing of this quilt, Jacki always makes special quilt backs for her quilts.

I like this early morning photo, un- cropped, with my wilderness garden, to the left is a large Australian Frangipani tree waiting for planting.

Monday saw a friend ready for another birthday and why not share it with a few friends? I invited a few friends over to share the celebrations with coffee and cake and of course there were presents!
This is what I nearly didn't give to my friend..............................................

                                     And the back...................................................................

 This cushion looked so nice just resting to be wrapped up that I think I shall have to make myself one!

I had one strip of squares left over, so I pondered what to do with the strip? Then I remembered the hand towels I like to decorate.......................................

As much as I like my friend and value our friendship, I did find it hard to wrap these gifts up and give to her, but I did!



  1. Beautiful cushion, wrapped with rosemary for "remembrance", I can see another will soon be on your chair, one for yourself.

  2. Really like your quilts! Monochrome - wonderful! You have amazing style! I'm your fan on facebook :)

    1. Great idea - decorative stitching along the contour

  3. i simply adore the no frills quilt - it is very striking, bold and befitting that quilt! and such a lovely gift - always nice to give lovely goodies to lovely people :)

  4. You rose to the challenge on that very unique quilt. At first I wondered if it was a black and white photo. : )
    Wonderful gifts for your friend. I'll bet she was very pleased!

  5. Love the 'No Frills' quilting .I have to admit I am not a fan of feathers myself so this is something I would chose. Gorgeous cushion that I am sure was well received.

  6. No frills quilt/quilting is stunning. I am sure you will be doing a feather border soon!!!!!!!! Love the cushion too. I jyst mught have to add that to the loooooooong lust if things I want to make!!!!!!!

  7. LOVE the quilting on the Stitchers Garden even if I am for the most part a 'frilly~dilly' type a girl ~ beautiful work as ever ~

  8. Love the colours of the quit and your no frills quilting....sometimes less is more, as they say!
    The birthday girl would have been thrilld to receive those lovely gifts....

  9. Jacqui's quilt is just beautiful Leeanne - love the blocks & the muted fabrics. Love how you have quilted it too ... Now that cushion, yes I think I would've wanted to keep that myself too. Very gorgeous & especially sitting amongst all your creations.

  10. What a beautiful quilt. Your quilting definitely enhanced it too. Love that cushion...happy birthday to your friend x

  11. Stunning! I love the embroidery ànd your quilting!
    The cushion for your friend is gorgeous, I understand why you want to make one for yourself also. What a good idea to pimp up the hand towel, it's so pretty!
    Have a happy weekend, Cisca

  12. Great to see what you did with Jacki's quilt, Leeanne. Beautiful! And the Home cushion was quite a hit!

  13. An amazing finish to Jacki's quilt, love the simple quilting, just makes the whole quilt hum, looking forward to seeing it. Lucky friend for the cushion.

  14. Love what you have done with Jacki's doubt feathers will be done again soon!! The cushion is beautiful...I can see why you wanted to keep it!!

  15. Love the sophisticated colours in the quilt and 'no frills' quilting definitely suits it.

  16. Bet Jacki loves the quilting....and I fell in love with the gifts for a friend when I saw them!!!! Have a good rest, of the long weekend xxxx

  17. Frilly dilly!! I love it and well done you for not doing any. Beautiful quilt, straight lines and all. I could not have given that cushion away, that is very nice, and would look super on MY BED!!! Simon is missing, here Simon, puss puss puss. Next post maybe?