Thursday, July 2, 2015

feathers live here...................

             Hi there! This is the place to be today if you love feathers, I have them in abundance!

This beauty is a class sample for The Country Yard called 'Star Mastery'. Featuring several different stars. The class is focused on making the stars, the layout is simply an idea, but a lovely idea!

For something a little different I quilted straight lines on the central star blocks treating them separate from the outer stars, there by giving the illusion that the outer stars were 'floating' out to the border.

I enjoyed this concept and I am sure I can used this idea again. Now did I say something about feathers???

I used my curved rulers from Lisa Calle for the arcs,  I then echoed which gave me a nice pocket to place some pebbles in, I used a soft smokey/blue grey poly neon thread by Madeira, this created a soft contrast. Because I went down the road of wanting the feathers to look like they were floating, I had to quilt feathers right up to the striped sashings.

For a touch of continuity from the inner stars to the outer stars I quilted pebbles on the blocks with the primitive muslin background fabrics.

The next quilt features more feathers. Made by Gaynor at a class last year at The Country Yard.

I have quilted several of these lacey antique heirlooms. They can be tricky due to all the open crocheted doilies, you have to be careful to not get your hopping foot caught.

                     The sashings got a treatment of 'curling ribbon', the borders...........guess???

                    Thank you so much ladies for letting me loose on your beautiful quilts!

I am looking forward to a small break in quilting while I have my granddaughter to stay, here's hoping she will be keen to spend time with granny in her sewing space!

                            I still have three more quilts to share with you, so watch this space!


  1. Gorgeous! and I love the way your quilting works with the doilies - so perfectly complimentary. Enjoy your week off with your granddaughter! x

  2. Loving the quilts/quilting. Have a fun tine eith your Grand Daughter

  3. Both verrrry beautiful quilts Leeanne, Gaynor has used some lovely doilies in her quilt. I think with all your love of feathers, perhaps you should have a few chickens or hens at your house ??? Sure Simon would love that. I can imagine how your grandaughter will just LoVe spending time in your sewing room.

  4. Both quilts are absolutely amazing Leanne. I have to say traditional feathers are not a favourite of mine but I love how you have quilted them on these quilts-a bit whimsical. You mention you use Lisa Calles rulers-do you use the Pro Groove ones or just the curved rulers of hers?

  5. Love seeing all of the lovely feathers and other beautiful quilting ideas.
    Looks tricky to quilt with all of those doilies. : )

  6. Just beautiful Leeanne!!! Love those puffy little hearts on the heirloom quilt...hope no hopping foot was caught up in the process!!! Both lots of quilting are just exquisite!! Enjoy your break with your granddaughter.

  7. So many gorgeous quilts Leeanne. Your quilting is just amazing, the feathers and pebbles are so beautiful. I love the glimpse of your lovely sewing room too, looks perfect. Enjoy your holiday :)

  8. Lovely yummy quilting Leeanne! It is always nice to see what you do with the quilts you have been entrusted with.... very happy customers I'm sure!

  9. Love those feathers !!! Beautiful work.