Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Flight....................

Another fabulous design by Juliet from The Tartan Kiwi. I always enjoy quilting for Juliet, her designs are so fresh and inviting, come see!

Juliet designs paper foundation pieced quilts and blocks which she sells. I have quilted several of her designs and as well as some of her customers.

I am humbled by the fact that other than a couple of ideas from Juliet she is happy for me to put my artistic touch on her quilts.

The couple of days I spent quilting the background (the sky) was when  Northland was experiencing very grey sky's and wintery weather, so I was primed in the vibe of a moody sky.

I used a Gunold variegated thread in greys through to black, which seemed to blend well and create nice textures.

The birds were all ditch stitched and each piece, as tedious as that can be, it is so necessary to enhance Juliet's piecing. The birds received feathers, arch's and the like to give them life.

These birds are soaring high in a grey winter sky! Juliet started a Sew-Along to make these birds, I know of a couple of people that have been participating. Leonie was a pattern tester for Juliet, which I also quilted, see this post if you are interested . Juliet went with her favourite cotton batting.

         Thanks so much Juliet, I look forward to seeing more of these finished quilts.
I do have three more quilts finished but you will have to wait a few days as they have not got into the arms of their maker yet! I usually have sneak peeks on my Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. There is so much work in that quilt, very nice!! Your finishing touches bring it to life. Well done girlfriend!!

  2. That is just beautiful Leeanne!! Really make you see the moody sky.

  3. Wow, gorgeous bird designs--and you really made it all come to life!
    Can't imagine all of that ditch stitching, but you did a beautiful job.
    I think my favorite is the pink/red/purple bird with feathers stitched in the feathers. : )

  4. That amazing Leeanne, I do recall seeing some of her paper pieced quilts you have worked on before, she is very clever indeed. Grey skys again here today too.

  5. Oh my that quilt is amazing!!!! I love it. Your wonderful quilting enhances it beautifully Leeanne x

  6. My goodness what detailed paper piecing!!! Your quilting really couldn't suit the birds better - lovely.

  7. this is a wonderful quilt so full of life and your quilting has given it even more movement

  8. I've seen some of these blocks being made and they are truly gorgeous!

  9. what a neat quilt. I love what you did in the wings of the birds.

  10. Your quilting has set this quilt off perfectly - so much movement.