Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The last day of September was yesterday.......................................

Welcome! Please enjoy your browse through the photo's of my three latest customer quilts.
                                             First up is Thelma's granddaughters quilt.

Thelma used a layer cake to make this simple yet sugar sweet quilt, simple piecing for a quilt that will surely be loved and cuddled. Thelma requested a 'girly' all over quilting design, "Whirls" seemed perfect.

Madeira doesn't name their thread colours as some thread companies do, if they gave me the job of naming the thread I used on this quilt it would be 'candy store delight'...............what variegation of colours does that bring to mind? Perhaps I need to start taking photo's of the cones of thread I use?

If you are interested how I quilt all over quilting designs using pantograph pattern you might like this short video I made quilting that very pattern on that very quilt!

Next are two rather cute quilts made for babies, to be give as gifts made by Donna. When friends and family have babies and you are a quilt maker what better gift to give than a quilt.

You may remember back in July last year I quilted this quilt for Donna. Well this quilt here is made from the scraps, simple charms pieced together then classic cross - hatching to finish off.

Donna's next quilt also features cross - hatching and some stipple, this along with the cute fun little birds makes for a calming modern quilt for a new baby.

Donna chose Matilda's Own Wool/poly batting for both quilts, which give a nice soft finish that is also durable.

                  After a few washes these birds should 'feather' up nicely as they are appliques using the  raw edge method.
Thank you ladies, may the young ones you made these pretty quilts for love them for years to come.

Yesterday, which was the last day of September here in New Zealand had me feeling like I needed to do a bit of spring cleaning. Pulling out the bed, dusting, vacuuming, polishing furniture and changing my quilts. Do you 'spring clean'?

For you Simon lovers  he was also enjoying the warm spring day too, I left the door open to the spare room and look who was on the bed........the bed he is NOT suppose to sleep on! Simon!


  1. Lovely quilts/quilting. Planning on changing my quilts during our bedroom and spare bedroom spring cleaning on labour weekend

  2. you have been busy again quilting other people`s quilts they must be so pleased with these. Here it is very autumnal so all summer clothes being put away and the warmer things coming out!

  3. Lovely quilts and quilting! How interesting seeing you quilting, and that you follow the pattern and not the quilt. I hope you understand what I mean. Here autumn has begun, but because I have been sick for a week, I didn't do much.
    Simon is so naughty to leave his hear on that lovely quilt, but look at him enjoying it!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  4. Lovely quilts Leeanne, do you follow the pantograph manually? Watching the video gives that quilt a different look too. Love the birds on the baby quilt. ..Simon is flexing his I am the supervisor muscle by checking all the house!!

  5. Such cute quilts. Great quilting Leanne.

  6. Thelmas layer cake fabrics look almost like vintage sheets - Love them. Yes I do spring clean a little but really we need to autumn clean here ... you obviously dont get all those pesky flies up in the winterless north :-) Simon looks like he is sleeping on Angel Story quilt ?

  7. Spring clean? Are you mad? I clean when I HAVE TO!! Go Simon go.

  8. Loved seeing the video! and the quilting. those baby quilts are adorable :) Hoorah for spring and a spot of cleaning ;)

  9. Lovely quilts and the glimpse of your bedroom is beautiful. Simon looks very contented!

  10. Great quilting Leeanne! They are such sweet quilts! As for "cleaning"…..what's that?! LOL! I know you feel good at night when you crawl into bed knowing everything is all clean…..even where you can't see……….I remember that feeling….LOL!

  11. Oh yes…..I forgot……sweet sweet kitty!

  12. Yes Yes Yes for spring and such a cute kitty