Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Helen Stubbings & Kathy Schmitz fabrics

                                                    Hello and welcome good people!
    Today I am sharing with you Fleur's pretty baby quilt and one of my own quilts finished.

Isn't this a  pretty little quilt, so soft and sweet, made from Helen Stubbings fabrics, simple piecing and simple quilting.

                         Fleur asked for simple ditch stitching and cross hatching.............done!
A photo of the back shows off the simplicity, the use of wool batting has worked well.

I am excited to share a finish of my own, my Wendy Briggs stitcheries using a fat quarter bundle by Kathy Schmitz , her fabric range "Piecemakers".

I really like the traditional style of cross hatching across the stitcheries, to do this I always used a fine blending thread. The stitcheries themselves were completed using Cottage Garden Threads and Aurifil threads.

Throw in a funky feather, orange peel, swirls, straight lines, curling ribbon and a swagged border and you have a nicely textured quilt.

        Part of the fabric bundle was a panel that I thought worked well as part of the backing.

     A photograph in front of my Wisteria bush on a warm fine spring day was pleasing.
I have had a florist friend staying for a couple of days and I thought it would be nice to have a vase of freshly "'picked & plonked in a vase" display in the guest bedroom.

         A pretty sad attempt when you see the lovely bunch my friend made me from her garden!

I love the white Protea (which she grows) nestled in some other pretty flowers and wrapped up with some grapevine.

Happy spring days to you!


  1. I really like both bouquets, but I love seeing the quilting on your finish even more!
    I have to say, your feather plumes have such a nice shape. Not everyone takes the plume down to that fine point at the base and to me it makes all the difference in the feather looking truly polished! Nice work!!

  2. What a lovely baby quilt, it needs no more than simple quilting indeed!
    Your own quilt is a beauty, I love the colors, and as always: stunning quiltwork! I love the border quilting which look like theatre curtains!
    Lovely Wisteria, and vases with flowers!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  3. Super feathers, but I do like the design your quilted in the top quilt. White protea, that is so different, and your guest room looks the perfect place to be. Is that an old Singer sewing machine table with the flip top lid? My Mum started with one of those, and I so wish I had it here now. A real treasure.

  4. I saw Fleur's quilt when she picked it up the other day - very effective and such a pretty range of fabrics. Congratulations on the Wendy Briggs/Piecemakers finish, it's a beautiful finish!!! (And needs a less clumsy name than that!!)

  5. Both quilts a lovely. Cross hatch is so effective. Even if your floral arrangement may have been simple I bet your friend loved it

  6. I'm a huge lover of cross hatch quilting and this is so effective on your stitched blocks especially combined with your amazing feathers!

  7. Everything is beautiful in this post, beautiful quilts, quilting, flowers & wisteria. Yay you finished your Wendy Briggs, hope you have a special place for it cos if not . . . . I might have just the spot at my house !!!!

  8. OMG so many tiny pieces in that quilt and such beautiful flowers
    YEAH spring is here

  9. Lovely lovely quilts and stitching :) And gorgeous flowers all round. Hope you had a super lovely time with your friend :)