Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend bits n' pieces

 Nice to be sharing another blog post with you. A warm welcome to those who pop by to have a look at the goings on here but don't leave a comment for whatever reason, nice to have you here too. Today's post is a bit if this and that, or bits n' pieces.
My personal pile of quilts that need to be quilted is growing far too rapidly for my mental health, so yesterday I loaded two at the same time and put my superhero cape on and knocked two off the list!

Two different cot panels near enough the same size, the same green flannel backing and the same cotton batting made for easy loading. I chose 'Turbulence' for the edge to edge pattern and a nice Madeira variegated thread in greens and blues.

The finish came quickly as did the binding which I did entirely by machine, some might say that is 'cheating', others might say, it looks good and they are finished, I am in the latter group!

The limey green flannel backing will be snuggly for the babies that will be gifted these quilts.
The remainder of the quilts in my personal quilting pile will not get finished so quickly as they all require custom quilting.

Last week was a friends birthday and I wanted pop something special in her parcel. A couple weeks ago I was having a professional development weekend at home, playing and experimenting with vintage linens. (some of you may have seen this activity on Facebook)

The end result was three rather pretty pieces that will make gifts or keepsakes for myself! The piece I gave to my friend I bound and made into a table topper. The others may become cushions, I am undecided on that.
Below is the piece gifted to my friend.

                             The back has another small vintage Linen serving as a label.

Yesterday my sweet man and I took a drive to Helena Bay stopping in at the Cafe/Gallery there for a coffee and maybe we shared a yummy German apple strudel! Please enjoy some photo's I took on my phone while there.

The view from the cafe's deck!

Art works in the garden, fabulous plantings and white stoney pathways, this magic Kowhai tree in full flower, my phone did not do a good job of showing the Tui in the tree, but he/she is there!

The HUGE sculptured hawk and wire nest complete with eggs over looks the cafe and gallery.

For those asking where is Simon? He is still here, just resting, when you have a fabulously luxurious life like he does, it is part of his job to rest and eat well!


  1. Lovely post of bits n pieces Leeanne, I am glad you got those two quilts done ... especially for your mental health reasons. They look gorgeous & you have done such a neat job of the binding. Glad to read about your professional development weekends, perhaps I could attend one of those. That table runner you have done is amazing & beautiful. A lovely spot you & hubby visited. Happy to see Simon continuing to lead his stressfull life !!!!!

  2. Your winterless north, we are still lighting the fire at night. Yes, the farm landscape was OK, but it didn't fit the page across the whole width. So after looking at some more, I am back to the Central Plateau.Have you ever done a binding with a flange, all machine sewn? I think this will be my choice, the flange only shows a wee smidgeon? about 1/8" I guess, and if it is light like the first border ,might stand out well.

  3. What a nice weekend, well yesterday the sun shone anyway, so you picked the best day to take a break for coffee and cake with your mate ~ and love your vintage piece ~ one lucky friend to receive your latest creation ~

  4. Nice little drive out with the man, great pics too from your phone. Oh and I did spot the Tui, I zoned in!!! I love they way you and Julie come up with alternative uses for vintage linens, I have quite a stash that needs to be dealt to. Hello Simon darling, Tex has his own Facebook page, you need one to, talk to mum!!

  5. quilts look great and such a good way to bring fresh life into old linen pieces.I have a friend who has been quilting for years and thinks making the blocks on a machine is cheating, all hers are hand stitched and she never buys templates, little does she know how much easier life would be if she got on the modern trail!

  6. If I could make machine quilting look as nice as yours I would always put it on quilts that will be well loved!
    Wonderful work with the vintage linens. So pretty, and such an elegant gift.
    Some of your photos wouldn't load for me, but what I saw looks like a great place to get away and enjoy a day out.

  7. Love those cot quilts, especially the ark. Your vintage linen pieces look very pretty. Thankyou for sharing a lovely idea.
    Looks like you made the most of the sunshine.

  8. I love seeing little Simon. Beautiful quilting as always.

  9. Love your Turbulence quilting Leeanne, and I too do all my children quilt bindings by machine. Very satisfying to finish. I hand quilt the bindings on my large me quilts. :-) Oh thats not to say I am large!!
    Great photos of your day out.
    Have a great day in a fine ( for a change) day! :-)

  10. A drive and cafe sound like a just Sunday! The photo's look fab, we had beautiful weather also-doesn't it make you feel better! The cot quilts are cute and as usual you have done a great job on them!

  11. The quilts are simply beautiful.

  12. The cot quilts are beautiful Leeanne....your drive sounded wonderful and the view is the kowhai tree..the tui's certainly find them quickly when they are in flower!! Wonderful view from the cafe...great sculptures.

  13. Beautiful work as always. The Cafe brings back lots of lovely memories have visited a lot.

  14. Lots and lots of lovely in here! Gorgeous work - and such a lovely gift. The walk and the blue skies - bliss :)

  15. So nice to see blue skies and such lovely views