Thursday, March 10, 2016

Barn Yard Buddies and Snugly Bugs..........................

Hi there readers, friends and followers, if you like kids quilts then stay and make yourself comfy.
First is a quilt sample for The Country Yard that is being offered as a block of the month.

It's called "Barn Yard Buddies, it is a Country Quilts design by Cheryl. Cheryl's sample was made in very country/rustic fabrics where as The Country Yard made theirs in bright cheerful fabrics. I enjoyed having these wacky characters in the studio!

Big Girl Chloe (I'm not sure what her name is I just made that up!) was like the rest of the animals a bit spooky and spaced out looking without their button eyes! These were added after quilting.

               A bit late in life for braces to correct those buck teeth, but a very lovable horse.

The hen and chicks in the nest, some pinwheels and a flower patch all make for a fabulous quilt for any child. I was asked for the full 'Quiltmekiwi' service on this quilt, meaning the binding was made (as well as the quilting), attached then stitched down either by hand to the back or to the front by machine, in this case it was all attached by machine.

                 Next up is Shannon's Snugly Bug quilt. Designed by Amy Bradley.

Like the Barn Yard Buddies quilt I was asked for light custom quilting. I quilted different background fills then a wildflower border, complete with butterflies and snails.............................

Sadly the photo's look washed out for the wide black border. The bright variegated thread did look great..........if I do say so myself :-)

Last but not least is another Shannon creation a cute farm animal quilt. Quilted in an all over design called "Marmalade".

Thanks so much The Country Yard and Shannon for letting me quilt for you. That's me for now, back to working on a machine embroidered fairy quilt, this one is being heavily custom quilted.
Happy weekend to you, enjoy and find what makes you happy inside!


  1. Fab quilts and the quilting, you make sure whatever design you use fits that quilt perfectly.I loved those swirls round Chloe, and all the other individual ones too.

  2. What fun you've had lately with all that busy brightness going on in the studio! Great job, they all look wonderful :-)

  3. Gorgeous childrens quilts there Leeanne, I loved the fun animals on the first one ... think Chloe is a perfect name for Her Royal Highness the cow. You will have to think up a name for the horse too. Happy quilting my friend x x

  4. All these are great quilts for children but I have to say my favourite is Barnyard Buddies!

  5. Love the animals in the Barn Yard Buddies, especially that horse!! But the bugs are so the bee with attitude!!! They are all wonderful quilts, and your quilting is beautiful.

  6. Love the Barnyard buddies! What fun critters. : )
    And those bugs are so cute. I'd be smiling while quilting, for sure! : )

  7. Oooooh wow, I love the barn yard quilt. Quirky farm animals, my kind of thing and so colourful.