Friday, April 22, 2016

Quilt making for granddaughters

Hi there! Welcome to my new readers both here and on Facebook. On this fine Autumn day I have two very different quilts to share but they share one thing in common they are lovingly made for a granddaughter.
First up is Jacki's Marti Michell's  sampler quilt. Jacki tells me that she started this approximately 20 years ago! She is delighted to have it finally finished.

Measuring 69" x 87", wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads with medium custom quilting.
Jacki likes straight lines and nothing too 'frilly dilly' in the way of quilting. That said she was delighted to have some blunt end feathers on the pretty floral fabric.

Facebook followers of Quiltmekiwi would have seen how I used a mark free method for the undulating spine part of the feather. Some scraps of batting cut into circles placed evenly along the border.

There was the ditch stitching, the following areas were quite small, I placed a pen to show the size.

 Jacki usually makes outstanding backings, enjoying using up all the fabric from the quilt top.............

        Apart from the off cuts after the binding is attached there are no fabrics left from this quilt!
                Although this quilt was started 20 years ago it will remain a timeless beauty.

Next  on the agenda is Angela's quilt made for her nine year old granddaughter who may have given up thinking her quilt was coming, so Angela tells me......rather cute!

A very similar size to Jacki's quilt : 70" x 90", Angela's batting (I think it was wool) Superior's Fantastico thread "Playhouse" and an edge to edge pattern called "Butterfly Charm".

          Here's hoping after Angela's granddaughter's long wait for her quilt she will be happy!

I came across this photo of Simon and one of our other cats Brian (who sadly is no longer with us).
Although these two weren't brothers they were mates.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. Loved seeing the ingenious way you quilt with those batting circles Leeanne. Both lovely quilts, I am sure their receipients will love them. Great photo of Simon & dear Brian ... beautiful markings on them both.

  2. 2 quilts you have quilted beautifully. A lovely photo of Simon and Brian

  3. Great finishes. Those blunt feathers look great and the butterfly panto is such the right choice for that quilt and beautifully quilted. Simon and Brian-great names and what a gorgeous photo.

  4. Such a nice job on the custom quilting. The blunt feathers are a nice touch. I have never tried that style of feather, but now I want to.
    The batting circles are a clever marking tool.
    Great panto on the fun quilt with the butterfly fabric.
    Oh, that is a really sweet kitty photo.

  5. I have never seen blunt end feathers before - but aren't they lovely! Beautiful tabby cats cuddled up together, we had Marmaduke as a member of our family many years ago and I have loved tables ever since.

  6. More beautiful stitching by you to enhance the handiwork of others. Simon and his mate look lovely together. My foster kittens snuggle up together like that, I fret thinking they will eventually be separated and wonder if they will care.