Friday, July 8, 2016

Wrapping up the week...............................

        Wrapping up the week with two quilts, first is Vasanthia's "Scandinavian Rose".

Vasanthia has lovingly stitched this striking quilt for her daughters 10th wedding anniversary present.
A Rosalie Quinlin design. Vasanthia hasn't added all the stitcheries in this design just choosing ones that suited her daughter and a different setting from the Rosalie's original.

Vasanthia didn't want any quilting on the stitchery blocks, but I convinced her it was necessary to 'anchor' those large blocks down. I did so with 'SID' around the bulk of the stitcheries using a fine thread. I quilted a meandering loopy/leafy vine in the background after I framed each stitchery with three rounds of straight stitching using Glides 'Garnet' thread.

Using the same thread I quilted a continuous swirl on the border and viola..................finished!

For the back lovers a shot of the back, but the back looks pink rather than it's true red! A common theme when I photograph reds!

Next is Sue's BIG log cabin quilt made for her grandson over in Texas, who is getting married in September and his wife- to- be most favourite colour is purple! Sue had me quilt and edge to edge design of hearts, I used Lorien Quilting design 'Amour' and Madeira Aeroquilt variegated thread in purples and teals.

Here it is on my machine, at the time we were experiencing lots of rain so an full outside photo was out  of the question! The quilt measures 95" x 95", Matilda's Own Polyester batting.

Thank you Vasanthia and Sue, may your family love and cherish their quilts. I am taking a small break from quilting as I spend treasured time with my granddaughter who is coming to stay! So looking forward to enjoying her sweet company.
I will be back soon before you know it with more beautiful quilts!


  1. I hope my daughters don't hear about what Vasanthia did for her daughter's 10th anniversary! : )
    Beautiful job on the quilting.

  2. Two very different quilts in this post from you, both lovely but the large log cabin with its purples is just my thing.

  3. Two more gorgeous quilts Leeanne, no wonder people trust you with their gorgeous creations ... you do such a wonderful job on them. I love Rosalies stitcheries ... that is a different colourway to what I am used to. Stunning though. I did laugh at the photo of Sues big quilt ... I had visions of you perched on top of a unit up high in the corner trying to get a photo ... giving Simon a heart attack for sure !!!!
    Have a wonderful time with your grandie.

  4. Haha Julie I was envisaging the same thing with the photo shoot!! Both lovely quilts and as usual great quilting my friend.

  5. Another two beautiful quilts Leeanne, I know a few people here who are stitching those blocks. Love the quilting you have done. Have a wonderfl time with your grand daughter.