Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Veron's Garden................................

This has been what feels like to me a 'epic' quilting job! Some quilts seem to spend a long time on my machine, while others breeze through without so much as a blink of the eye! So without further a do........................perhaps a drum-roll would heighten the excitement!

The details to the best of my knowledge:

'Veron's Garden' - named by me as this was Veron's creation.
Machine Applique - batik fabrics
Matilda's Own polyester batting
Glide thread
90" x 102"
Free hand custom quilting by me.
Feather border inspired by Jamie Wallen

I felt the need to keep the quilting classic looking, feathers, cross-hatching - with a trellis look and micro stipple to help give some areas some 'pop'.

Veron once again gave me a creative licence over this quilt, for that I am ever so thankful to her for her trust and friendship.

Now a snippet of the delicious back!

So that marks the last of Veron's quilts ( for now), if you missed the last three please see *here* - *here* and *here*.

Last week I posted off a birthday present to my friend Julie, I had managed to make two small handmade items for her, one I forgot to take a photo of and this:

A freebie pattern from Moda Bakeshop called "Moda Love". I had made myself one over the Christmas period but in Kansas Troubles fabrics. They are both made with Mini Charms or 2 1/2" squares. The one for Julie was from the leftovers of my Angel Story quilt.

               Just thought I'd pin Julie's one up in the same spot mine hangs for the photo.
Simple straight lines for the quilting and machine sewn binding and just like that it's done!

Measuring : 12" x 12"

From the same pattern you have the choice to make the mini -from a mini charm pack( 2 1/2" squares), a medium sized one - from a charm pack (5" squares) and a nice large one, just like this one I made my sister last year using a Layer cake (10" squares).

Measuring :73" x 73"

           These past few weeks the love story continues aboard the Biscornu.................................


  1. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! What a beautiful quilt and wonderful quilting!! I am lost for words. That is a beautiful small quilt you ave made for Julie. had to smile at your cat....soooooo relaxed on the custom made cushion!!!

  2. You nailed the quilting on Veron's Garden!! Stunning!
    The little quilt for Julie looks like it will blend in beautifully with her decor. : )

  3. Stunning. The garden is in full bloom. I'm not surprised that it was on the machine for awhile with all that microstippling and the feathers. Lovely gift for Julie. Simon looks like he is enjoying the sunshine.

  4. Stunning. The garden is in full bloom. I'm not surprised that it was on the machine for awhile with all that microstippling and the feathers. Lovely gift for Julie. Simon looks like he is enjoying the sunshine.

  5. I love Veron's quilt, you've both done a beautiful job :-) The microsippling is extra effective isn't it? I bet Julie loves her mini too, it's so pretty.

  6. Ditto to the above comments!! Awesome job and all that ditch stitching whew......I too like the micro stippling and lovely prezzy for Julie. Someone certainly is at home on the Biscornu, enjoying that winter warmth. xxxxx

  7. Wow!! Epic is the right word Leeanne ...yes drumroll indeed !! That is one amazing quilt AND quilting you have done on it too. Its stunning. I am glad Veron gave you creative license cos you sure have done a sterling job on it all. And yes, Julie just adores her mini quilt thank you very muchly ...she is wondering where the lovely little sign that hangs above it has gone too ??? Perhaps Simon ran away with it when he was not lazing about on his new biscornu !!!??? :-)

  8. Fabulous work! Veron must have been pleased.
    Not like the others I rather like the straight line quilted parts best, but I also like how your stippling made the flower parts pop up.
    I am not the least surprised it took ages to do, there is so much work and detail there.
    Have you ever done a post about how long it takes you to set up your quilter and do each part? I'd be interested in that.

  9. Beautiful quilting as usual Leeanne! And I bet Julie was stoked to receive her birthday pressie!! It always amazes me how the same pattern can look so different with fabric choice!! Well done.

  10. one amazing quilt so beautiful.

  11. Wow! A masterpiece! I loved seeing it. Sweet little quilts too x

  12. wow such awesome work,you are very clever,well done ...

  13. OMG that quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Hello Simon.