Monday, August 15, 2016

Timeless Traditions.......................

Timeless Traditions is a block of the month. I recently quilted the sample for The Country Yard.
Kerryn (owner operator) asked for simple custom quilting.

All the required stitching the ditch was knocked off first then some stipple in the background of the applique blocks including the applique borders, then some simple classic straight lines.

The quilt measures 78" x 90" which would make a nice quilt for a bed, top it off with some matching cushions, pillow's and perhaps a teddy bear!

On Sunday I headed off for a tramp around the coast starting at Tauikura Bay, along the beach around the base of Mt Aubrey then from Reotahi up and over Mt Aubrey returning to Taurikura Bay.

This photo was taken from McClouds Bay/ Little Munro Bay where 'Castle Rock' is. I loved how the sun was streaming through the Pohutukawa  tree.

Me, feeling rather proud that I made it to the top of Mt Aubrey - scrambling - then trying to stand at the top will jelly legs! Behind me is Marsden Refinery and further off is Waipu. This is just three of the twenty something photo's I took. We were blessed with a mild sunny winter day.
Sue C - note my 'tramping troll' leggings!

Next up on the quilting machine.....................................


  1. Gorgeous Leeanne ... yes I could just see that quilt with some cushions & a teddy bear to match :-) Just perfect. Your trampings pics look amazing, I love the one with the suns rays coming through. Glad you are getting some nice sunny weather.

  2. Beautiful!!!! That quilt would look fantastic in an old kauri house!! With the cushions! Love the colours too. Looks like you had a beautiful day for walking, great shot of the pohutukawa tree with the sun.

  3. Lovely quilting. Looks like you had a great tramp. Great shot of the sun rays.

  4. Lovely quilting. Looks like you had a great tramp. Great shot of the sun rays.

  5. Lovely quilting Leeanne. Great tramping also. I do my 6 km walk most days with 2 hills. I'm not sure about doing your tramping..... :-)

  6. ohh the quilting just brings out the quilt, love the colours...Always good to reach great heights, even with jelly legs lol

  7. That is a beautiful quilt, and you highlighted it nicely with your quilting choices.
    Your tramping appears to be no simple task--what gorgeous views!!

  8. The unfinished top was pretty impressive, and now that it's complete and quilted... simply magic. I really like the toned down custom quilting. I suppose more is not always more.