Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Simple Life and To Be Content.........................

  The Simple Life and To Be Content, doesn't everyone seek these 'things'?
I cannot offer any advice on how to get there, except that perhaps leading a simple life leads to contentment?
Anyhow, you are here to see quilts......glorious quilts! You will not be disappointed as I have two really beautiful ones to share with you.

First is Noeline's lovely quilt made for one of her lucky granddaughters, it's called 'The Simple Life'. This is an Anni Downs design. Meaningful and thought provoking stitchery and applique blocks sprinkled over a scrappy pieced background.

I have been fortunate to quilt several of Anni's designs over the years and they never disappoint. Noeline likes to add her personal touches to her quilts, through embroidery stitches to colour choices. One added touch on this quilt is the embroidery of a delicate vine on the inner border.

Noeline left the quilting designs up to me, I kept things fairly simple with a looping vine of leaves and flowers in the background. I framed the quilt off with a swag design on the border.

Thank you Noeline. If by some chance your granddaughter doesn't want this beautiful quilt I know of many people that will have their hands up for this one!

Next up is Lesley's quilt................................

Another lovely quilt with beautiful stitchery and applique. This quilt is a design by another Australian designer, Gail Pan , this one is called 'To Be Content'. Again I have also quilted several of Gail's designs over the years.

      Lesley carefully selected her fabric from The Country Yard specifically for this design.

                    Gail was telling me this was one of her earlier designs,  so sweet isn't it?

The back shows up the textures nicely, not that you will see them once Lesley has this hung on the wall, she bought a lovely wrought iron quilt hanger.
Thank you Lesley, enjoy your quilt!

While out mowing the lawn the other day, yes it has actually stopped raining for a spell! Long enough for the soggy lawn to dry out and the smiles creeping back on folks faces. Oh yes, while out mowing the lawn I had to take a photo of one of my Magnolia's in all it's glory.

These large graceful flowers open to the size of a small dinner plate. The tree is stripped of all it's leaves, then is swarming with these large elegant flowers.

Until next time, seek out the simple life.............................


  1. I love the meaning in the names of these two quilts.
    The sweet stitchery blocks in both quilts make me question my decision not to make quilts with embroidered blocks. These are adorable. The stitched vine in the first one is such a nice touch. And though I haven't really done embroidery in years, I have saved a few Gail Pan designs I have considered doing. I admire her talent.
    You have, as usual, done a lovely job of highlighting these quilts with your quilting. Lovely work, Leeanne!

  2. Both quilts are lovely, I bet both ladies are pleased as punch with them! Yes, hasn't it been nice to see some sunshine - and for more than just an hour or so as well!!!

  3. The quilts, lost for words, those stitched words say so much, and your quilting is the perfect finish. The magnolia, our tree died a few years ago but the flower heads are mighty, and I do like that framing.i think they are quite majestic trees.

  4. Both quilts are really beautiful, I do love a bit of stitchery in them. Yes we will all have our hands up for Noelines beautiful quilt if her grandaughter doesnt want it !!! Your magnolias are much earlier than mine Leeanne ... must be something to do with "the winterless north". I think you should come down here & live in a cold part of the Island seeing as you love winter my friend :-)

  5. It's always a treat to see the quilting on the back of the quilt, both beautiful quilts and your quilting really makes the blocks stand out. I especially like the swag and narrow straight line quilting in the border of the first one.

  6. Two beautiful quilts, love how the appliques and stitcheries pop out of the quilt. The back of the quilt is amazing! Your magnolia is beautiful, we have a dwarf one that after 7 years has one flower bud!

  7. I am all for the simple life, I call it balance. Both those quilts are super gorgeous, absolute keepers. Does your Magnolia have a fragrance? Looks beautiful, and I have always admired them.

  8. I'm sure you have two happy owners of these quilts. Great quilting my friend. Really love the swag border on the first one. Your magnolia is magnificent. I am loving the sunshine and the warmer weather- sorry!