Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shannon's final two quilts

Here I am again sharing the last two of Shannon's six quilts. More scrappy cats and scrappy chickens.

Shannon really busted some scraps for this beauty! Measuring 50" x 50" Matilda's Own Polyester batting, Edge to edge quilting: "Splash" and fantastico thread - Playhouse, this quilt is now ready for Shannon to attach binding then let the kids loose to cuddle under!

Next, another great scrap buster using a variety of coordinating cat themed fabrics pulled together with some red and brown scraps .

Measuring 65" square again Matilda's Own Polyester batting, fantastico thread, colour - Walnut and edge to edge pattern "KittyKat". Here's the pattern on paper.......................

And now on the quilt.............................................

                A close up of some of the characters before quilting! Oh the life of a cat, so bliss!

While away from the machine and out walking Mt Parihaka my eye was drawn to Punga fronds, they seemed to be bursting forwards (or upwards!) where ever I looked.

                                                        And then standing under natures umbrella!


  1. Thought maybe the animal quilts would create a "farm" theme, but those hardly looks like farm cats--or chickens, for that matter. : )
    Love the shots from your walk--especially under the tree!

  2. Two wonderful quilts, love the Kitty Kat quilting pattern! Is a wonderful way to use up scraps. The NZ bush is so special love the Punga fronds and that huge one is amazing! We need to notice nature a little more!!

  3. Morning Leeanne ... love that kittykat quilting on the cat quilt - just perfect. Your pictures of the fern fronds are just beautiful ... feels like I could reach out & touch them.

  4. great quilts epecialy drawn to the cat one and the quilting you have done on it is wonderful. Here everything is dying off now in the garden

  5. Great quilts and very cute quilting. Love your nature shots...beautiful!

  6. The quilts are so pretty ♥

  7. That cat quilting design is hilarious! A perfect match and one I am sure you will use a lot of, with all those cat people out there... no naming names but you know who I mean.