Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sue's Quilts and Elizabeth's winning quilt at the Auckland Festival of Quilts

Sue asked me to quilt these two fabulous quilts she has made for her lucky grandkids. First up is her New York Beauty quilt. Sue asked for very simple quilting, basically just stitching in the ditch (SID) but not each ray, just the arcs and some stipple on the borders.

Sizing up at: 84" x 87", foundation paper pieced rays and a cute little yellow peeper out towards the border.

I was itching to quilt more, that centre was calling out for a swirl, pebbles or cross-hatching...............but I was good quilter and stuck to what I was instructed to do.

Happy Jacks was the next quilt Sue wanted quilted by me, I found this quilt a good cheerful, 'boost you up day' kinda fun!

Isn't it funky and fun! Measuring 64" x 91". These 'Happy Jacks' seem to be like friendly alien spaceships floating over the quilt looking for a good landing spot!

Sue and I agreed that quilting over the vertical brown sashings would make them sink into the background, so the swirl background filler did just that. Then a 'organic' piano key border and a several different quilting designs on the Happy Jacks themselves.

I don't think Sue could have chosen a better backing fabric............all those big spots, perfect!

Lately when I am out tramping the latest thing my eye is drawn to are punga fronds, I now see that when I take photo's I can truly call it 'professional development' for me, because so often this is the perfect quilting style for many of the quilts that pass through my studio. Nature IS so inspiring.

               I made a video of me quilting swirls. P.S "look Mum, I am quilting one handed!"

Yesterday I visited the Auckland Festival of Quilts. Another nice set up in the new venue, lots of merchants and people enjoying the quilts. I was so pleased to get a very excited phone call from one of my lovely customers  on Thursday night to say the quilt she entered this year that I had quilted earlier in the year had won the Open Wall section made by 2 or more people. Here is my blog post about this quilt.  This is a Kim Diehl design named 'Snow in Summer', Elizabeth renamed "Carnations in the Octagon". Here is Elizabeth standing with her lovely quilt.


  1. Sue`s quilts are lovely really admiring her amazing points on the first one, of course your quilting has given them the perfect finish. Congratulations on your win too in the quilt show.

  2. Sue's quilts are so nice, bright and cheerful. Congratulations again to you on our win Leeanne

    1. I am pleased we bith were able to see the quilt hanging at the show

  3. Happy Jacks is just the perfect name for that quilt & Yes I love the backing fabric too!!! Congrats to Elizabeth & YOU on the win in the Quilt Festival.

  4. Lovely quilts from Sue with superb quilting from yoy. Nice to see your quilting skills on video. And for both of you congratulations for winning the award!

  5. Love Happy Jacks its funky!! Both busy ladies. And congratulations to you and Elizabeth for your collaboration on the winning quilt. Also love watching you quilt and one handed too! xxx

  6. I can imagine it was difficult not to do more quilting on the New York Beauty. It is a beautiful quilt!
    Happy jacks is really fun! Such a unique design.
    I am going to watch your video now. : )

  7. Well done on the prize Leeanne... it was a great show with a lot of interesting quilts.

  8. Congratulations to you and Elizabeth! Love the quilts you have just done, both amazing but so different. Beautiful quilting once again. The New York Beauty is stunning and the Happy Jacks fun. Love the pungas to.