Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017!

Another year done and dusted and another ready to be taken on. A new year of the same stuff and a year of some new and exciting and changes things too!
With all the hustle & bustle of Christmas, the food, the bulging fridge, the boxes of chocolates, abandoned wrapping paper, "granny" being repeated over & over! and sheet changing in between visitors, I did manage to find time for finishing off some projects and even jumped in head first into a quilt top construction!

My sister's partner passed away some 18 months ago, when I offered to my sister I would make her a memory quilt from his clothing I never thought how difficult it would be to construct a cohesive-pleasing-to-the-eye quilt from such an eclectic mix of clothing! I hope the quilt will bring my sister some comfort.

Made from tee shirts, ties, photo's and Hawaiian shirts, ditch stitching and a bit of light custom quilting and machine attached binding and label.

The next quilt I finished was made many months ago from a layer cake called 'Modernism' which is by Barbara Brackman. The pattern is called "Hexagon Hip Hop" a fun name don't you think?

You can see another two quilts *hereby the same design. I have made this quilt for a family friend who will be celebrating a 'notable big birthday' later in the year.

Using my Gammill long arm quilting machine with an all over quilting design (edge to edge) I quilted 'Turkish Tiles' with Superior's fantastico thread 'Pheasant'.

Once again attaching the binding completely by machine this quilt was finally in the finished pile!

Not to show off or anything.......but another finish....................

My granddaughter informed me:"Granny this is a cheat quilt!" All because I used a panel.........hard to find family members that love you these days! I DID piece the side borders as the panel was too narrow, then quilted it, then PIECED the binding..........then attached it by machine!

Edge to edge pattern called 'Marmalade' fantastico thread by Superior  called 'Niagara' - all finished and in my gift box to replenish the ones gifted last year. I found a cute flannel backing...................

Then I started a quilt from a black and white Jelly Roll, not sure when it will get finished or who it's for but I just needed some sewing time and boy did it feel nice!
After a visit to a rather nice wee quilt shop for a border fabric I decided it would be nice with a zing of colour, I found the green in my over flowing  neatly organised stash cupboard.

That quilt may just go into resting or I may squeeze it in to be finished.........wouldn't that be grand!
I had BIG, HUGE plans to make soooo many other quilts, but as usual my time frame in my mind is so different from reality! I must get onto my growing customer pile of quilts.............. Holiday over!

I do have a nice pile of books and magazines that are calling me. I am reading Danielle Hawkin's book ' The Pretty Delicious Cafe', her third book to the others I LOVE it! She has such a way with words that makes a gal of simple words like me envious.

Back in July I received a lovely quilt that the maker Sharon asked only for ditch stitching as she wanted to do the fancy bits of quilting herself. See *here* for my post about this stunning quilt. Sharon has just recently finished this quilt and completed a blog post all about it.............see her post *here*.

Thank you for stopping by, I welcome your comments........................


  1. your sister must be thrilled with the quilt you have made, I have seen them made from shirts bfore but you have used othe clothing too. Loving the child panel piece and who would think black and white could look so stunning, must not forget hexagon hip hop too I am sure that will be loved.

  2. You had a very busy holiday! I envy all you accomplished!
    You designed a very clever memory quilt. What a mix of clothing you had to combine! I am trying to decide what to do with my Dad's clothing--it won't be as creative as yours.
    Who taught granddaughter about cheat quilts? : ) Still, it is very cute.
    The little pop of green in the black and white quilt is perfect.
    Sharon's quilt is beautiful. I need to go see her post about it.

  3. Happy 2017 to you Leeanne - great post !!! You sure have been busy - love that quilt for your sister. How special to be using her partners clothing to make it. Glad you are enjoying Danielle's new book. She is apparently working on her next book already. She is at the farm this morning again so I have instructed the Mr to ask her what page she is up to, could she go a little quicker please .... Oh & would she like a kitten !!!!!! :-)

  4. What a great memory quilt for your sister. You are amazing

  5. You have been very productive!! The memory quilt for your sister is a treasure and I do hope it brings her comfort.

  6. Happy New Year Leeanne.
    Wow your sister will be wrapped with the memory quilt you have made her,what a beautiful thing to do for her and it looks fantastic,i can imagine how hard it would've been for you.
    Gee i love your FMQ on your quilts,it looks amazing.

  7. How nice to have some time for "me" quilting. After a flurry of visitors that lasted from early Dec to about a week ago I finally took time to quilt something for me! Like you its back to work now. First customer quilt for 2017 going on the frame tomorrow.

  8. New and exciting and changes sound FUN!!! Nice to see you getting to some of your own quilting Leeanne - looks like you've had some good sew sessions!

  9. Yeah Granny... that's just a cheating quilt - she sure knows her stuff!! I really like both of those pantographs, and they suit their project so well. I also like that green with the black and white prints - I vote that you carry on and get it finished!

  10. How nice you made a quilt from your brother in law's clothing, your sister will be so glad, I suppose.
    Lovely quilts and quilting, for yourself and others. I just read a book of Kristin Hannah, I loved it!

  11. What a thoughtful thing to do for your sister, I am sure she will love it. A friend of mine used an old shirt of her fathers to make a bear for what would have been his great grandson. Nice way to keep a memory of someone who has passed alive. You really are clever.
    PS: Are you coping with Summer yet?? xx