Saturday, February 18, 2017

quilts for little people.............

            Hello weekend lovers and another busy week has come to an end here at Quiltmekiwi.

A lovely mix of edge to edge quilting (all over quilting) and custom quilting. From this scrumptious pile of quilty goodness I can only share three quilts with you at this stage. First is Anne's charity quilt. Anne had grabbed several quilts from her local quilt guild that needed to be quilted before being given to women's refuge, sadly Anne had 'life stuff' happen that put a hold on getting all the quilts finished, so when she asked me if I could help with the last one, I was more than happy to help.

With edge to edge quilting of 'Amour' using Madeira AeroQuilt thread in mauve's and bluey teal shades over cotton batting.

Next is another quilt with edge to edge quilting this time the pattern is called 'Groundcover' using Glide thread in the colour 'Willow' over polyester batting and a super soft cream flannel backing. This is Shannon's creation for her soon-to-be-born baby.

Shannon was feeling a bit pink in the face as this new-to-be-born baby had no quilts but her two other children had many! Shannon I'm sure your new baby won't hold it against you, maybe not until the teenage years. :-)

Last but not least is Nicki's fabulously beautiful cot quilt for her soon-to-be-born grandchild.

With free rein on the quilting I used Glide thread in the colour 'Peacock' over wool/polyester batting and lemon flannel backing...................

I'm so pleased Nicki gave me the freedom to quilt because these sweet little elephants said "please do your feathery quilting doodles Leeanne!" Nicki was delighted with the results.............that whew moment washed over me!

Look at them all lined up for an adventure. This pattern was in the latest NZQuilter magazine. Nicki popped along to her favourite quilt shop, The Country Yard for help with fabric choices.

Fancy that I even took a photo of the back............................................

Thank you so much Anne, Shannon and Nicki for letting me quilt for you. May the little people that receive these quilts feel love and comfort from them.

When working at The Country Yard yesterday I spotted this little fella weaving in and out of the stone wall. These Stoats are very attractive but a huge pest to our native birds.

Speaking of native birds while out walking I had to take a photo of this lovely art work, our town's number of fabulous street art is growing.

When the postie beeped his horn for me the other day, I rushed out and pick up another delivery of quilts and was ever surprised upon opening one of the parcels it was from my very dear friend Julie from over at My Threadbear Life blog, the smell was got me first! Her lovely potpourri.........the smell is heaven! But that's not all there was a gift I had to assemble myself.................................a herb planter.................

                                  Thank you so much Julie, you made my week!


  1. Gorgeous quilts/quilting. Hahaha, I thought the Stoat was a cat.

  2. Beautiful work Leeanne. I love the Ellies! That is such gorgeous art work in your town.....the stoats are like the foxes here. They look beautiful but decimate wildlife and stock.

  3. Gorgeous quilts Leeanne, love the elephant quilt, and your quilting was perfect for that...

  4. You sure have been busy Leeanne. Makes me feel guilty ... I should be quilt making for my new grandbaby !! Love the line up of elephants. We don't see stoats here so much ... the wood pigeon is rather striking. Hope your little herb planter will come in handy x x x

  5. Lovely quilting as usual Leeanne. It was very kind of you to help Anne out with your quilting for the charity quilt. Love your quilting on the elephant quilt. The art work in town is so gorgeous. On the toilet doors no less! There are some very clever people around!

  6. How cute are those Elephants? Love them! And love your street art, Hamilton is getting quite a bit of it these days. Yay for street art and not that dirty old Graffiti!!

  7. I'm another elephant quilt lover!! What a busy week of quilting you've had, lovely quilting as usual Leeanne.

  8. More beautiful quilts Leeanne, love the elephants, your quilting is beautiful. I have never seen a stoat before, heard about them though. The tui painting is beautiful.

  9. Forgot to say beautiful present from Julie.

  10. Oh, that elephant quilt had me grinning! Love the way the the quilting spouts from the trunks. : )
    A Stoat was a new one on me. Made me think of a weasel, so I looked it up and, sure enough, they are from the same family.
    That is a gorgeous bird mural!
    What a sweet surprise from your friend.