Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sue's Quilts...........

Sue keeps me busy, she makes many quilts for her loved ones and luckily for me she loves to have me quilt them for her! So today I have two of Sue's creations to share with you, many are Sue's own design, just enjoying the whimsy of sewing pieces of fabric together into a loving quilt.

Sue's great niece lives in Florida and loves the beach, sun and surf. Sue used a fabric that looks like pebbles on a beach. I suggested a Jandal quilting design (a.k.a 'thongs' or flipflops).

The pattern is actually called "Fun in the Sun" often the photo's don't show the thread colours, I used Fantastico 'Stained Glass' a lovely vibrant variegated thread by Superior threads.
That's a shot of the back..................see I do remember, occasionally!

Sue's next creation was made for her two year old granddaughter. Some cute lady bird fabric..........

This all over quilting design is called 'Whisper'. Swirls, loops and feathers. Glide thread 'Linen'.

                                                               A photo of the back?

When Sue got these quilts back she said she would have another one ready for me soon! I'd better get quilting some others in the pile first.

One of the joys of having a designated sewing space means I can leave my current sewing project out ready to pick up with the mood, or as time permits. My Running Zebra quilt is growing very slowly in my little sewing nook, but all  the supplies are there..................

The neck and mane are now attached.....................just needing a body.................until then it's time to hang out in my sewing nook..............


  1. Love your finishes. Great quilting as always.

  2. The Fun in the Sun panto was a perfect choice. And that is a sweet design on the yellow/red quilt.
    Your zebra is looking SO good!! Will its legs be galloping, or standing still?

  3. Two neat, colourful quilts there, lie the quilting patterns on these two. Oh your zebra is looking splendid, I'm very tempted to give more thought to this lovely pattern.

  4. That first quilt is indeed very beachy looking - I love the jandals quilting on it. Your zebra is looking stunning Leeanne ... lucky Simon doesnt come along & sit on it to warm it for you !!!

  5. Two wonderful quilts Leeanne and great quilting, love the jandals. Your zebra is looking amazing.

  6. Love the jandals. Your zebra is looking good too.

  7. Great quilts, and your touch finishes them off beautifully.
    Love the Zebra...

  8. Great work on Sue's quilts. I just love your zebra...wonderful!

  9. Your zebra is looking good :-) - I must do something with mine!