Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A table runner, a hug quilt and a few critters.............

Lois made this striking table runner for her daughter as part of her birthday present. Lois asked for some custom quilting. Thank you Lois, I'm sure your daughter will be delighted!

Next is a quilt hug Cat made for her daughters singing teacher. Cat supplied a vintage sheet for the backing.

Measuring 53" x 78" it makes for a nice hugging/cuddling size. I experimented with the plump swirls and added a few feather plumes and hearts.

Here I am attaching the binding, you can see the lovely retro sheet........................

                    Thanks Cat for letting me be part of this precious gift of love and caring.

Last but not least for today's post I am linking up with Linda and Julie's "Sew-Stitch-Snap-Share"

Juliet from Tartankiwi design this wonderful distraction just for me!  Woodland quiltalong2 and I just couldn't say no! So my poor Running Zebra (also one of Juliet's designs) has been on the back burner while I stitch and flip these foundation pieced critters.

Once I had my four critters made "Farnley" - the fawn "Henry" - the hedgehog "Ollie" - the otter and "Kingi' - the kingfisher I then dithered about what to do with them? My husband said what about a table runner? Now this comes from a husband that doesn't like anything on our dinning room table! I let his idea jingle around for a few days then went with it, I did add a hanging sleeve so it can be hung on the wall if the mood strikes!

I have quilted several of Juliet's quilts for her so knew all about the fiddly ditch stitch in front me as I came to execute the quilting. I then set about quilting the background with a wood grain effect.

I used a large selection of fabrics, but my two main fabrics were the lovely olive green which is a Alison Glass print and the abstract teal print by Joel Dewberry.
Then a flange binding...........finished! I keep saying how much I love this table runner/ wall hanging, so does my husband. Thanks again Juliet for the distraction :-)


  1. I love love love the quilt for Michelle and she loved it too - thank you

  2. Initially I thought those first two photos were black and white. It has a dramatic look to it--maybe because it makes me think of classic old movies. :)
    A beautiful job quilting the pink ribbon quilt.
    Oh, your Kiwi critters are SO cute, Leeanne!! You made them into a great runner/wall hanging. Can't help smiling when I look at it. :)

  3. you have been busy but what reslly caught my eye were your animal ones so admire FPP blocks as cannot do them at all!

  4. You sure have been churning out some amazing & beautiful work lately Leeanne ... all soooo diverse & gorgeous. I love that retro sheet for the backing of Cats quilt. I adore your new critters & think either a table runner or a wallhanging sound just about perfect !!!

  5. Love your critters, think the king fisher and otter are my faves.

  6. Lovely runner/skinny wall quilt. I suspect I would hang it up . . .

  7. Gorgeous critters! And I too thought the table runner pics were in b&w, very effective! And, you already know I love that retro sheet backing, so pretty! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  8. How different is that table runner!! Very striking. I love your little critters, hedgehog and kingfisher are my favourites. The quilt made by Cat - divine - and your quilting also, the effect of all the "bubbles" is wonderful.

  9. The table runner is beautiful, and I love the cuddle quilt with the retro sheet, it looks amazing. Your critters are stunning Leeanne, love the quilting you have done, they would look great on a table or hanging.