Saturday, November 11, 2017

Edge to Edge, All Over Quilting Design, Panto Quilting.............

They all mean the same: a quilting design that goes over the quilt taking no mind of any piecing, applique etc. I love to get this type of quilting as the quilting goes quite quickly and is of course a good choice for quilts that are going to be snuggled, dragged around, washed lots and also a good choice of quilting for the budget conscious quilt maker. There are many designs to choose from, I also do several freehand designs of my own.
Kerryn, owner of The Country Yard asked for a wood-grain E2E (edge to edge) design on this sweet 'pimped' up cot panel.

The panel is by Gingiber Zest your Nest for Moda called 'Merrily'. Kerryn and her team sliced and diced the panel, pieced some blocks and created this cute quilt! Kerryn also asked for the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service.

            For this E2E quilting I freehanded this design...............

Next is Ellaleen's Fairy Panel quilt, also sliced and diced! Ellaleen wanted E2E (also freehand quilting) on the panels but not over the peeper she had made.

                     Here is a photo showing the peeper........................

                    The binding (Ellaleen chose The Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service too) and the backing................................

Last but not least is Roz's quilt. Although Roz lives in the South Island of New Zealand she was up Northland visiting family, so she stopped by to deliver her quilt to me. Roz chose the E2E pattern: "Modern Squares" and the thread: Glide's 'Military Gold' and the batting: wool/polyester and also her backing fabric! ( a mustard tone on photo!)

I'm finding this E2E pattern a favourite with many people including myself, it works on many styles of quilts.

Thank you to all those who took the time to comment here and through to my email on how much you enjoy reading my blog and checking out so many styles and types of quilts and of course the quilting............much appreciated!


  1. So, so lovely! Love the Flower Fairy. I have a panel somewhere....hmmmm!

  2. Lovely quilts! It's great to see the variety of your quilting, and great to know the varoius options pricewise too.

  3. Three lovely quilts Leeanne ... Those Country Yard girls sure do turn out some stunning work. Great to know what those quilting terms mean too. Love your end verse ... very true!

  4. Beautiful quilts Leeanne, the E2E patterns are great. Love how the panels have been cut and put into another design. Agree with Julie, your end verse is very true.

  5. Two very good examples of how to make a pretty quilt from a panel. They really look good all sliced and diced and frosted. :)
    The first one--so cute.
    The second--I LOVE Flower Fairies, and have made a quilt of them myself.
    The third--this a a good guy quilt, IMHO, though I'm sure any gal would enjoy it as well. And that is a fun panto.
    Wholeheartedly agree with the saying at the end!

  6. The edge to edge works well on all these quilts Leeanne - of course I'm biased and think the Woodland one came up very nicely :-) They're all beautiful quilts.